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ATN NVM14 Night Vision Multi-Purpose Unit

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Post by ATN_Rep on Thu Apr 24, 2008 1:44 pm


You are correct in your observation, using the NVM14 with day scopes that have large eye relief can be cumbersome. But with scopes that have small eye relief; this would be a nice accessory, and makes the unit very versatile in its applications.

If you do have a day scope which you would like to convert into night vision. I would definitely recommend the ATN PS22 which was designed for that specific purpose.


Post by Ryan_W on Thu Apr 24, 2008 1:39 pm

If you're worried about eye relief and mounting issues, you should check out the ATN PS22. This mounts to the objective of your daytime riflescope allowing you to turn it into an excellent night vision riflescope. As is, you can mount it to a Weaver or Picatinny style rail, or you can get a "docking collar" that will mount it directly to the riflescope. While it's more pricey than the NVM-14 monocular, it really is the ideal unit for your purpose. Not to mention, it takes only seconds to switch the PS22 from one scope to the next if you need to use it on multiple rifles. With this setup, you will never have to re-zero your scope whe switching between day and night use. The PS22 is available in both Gen 2 and Gen 3 versions.

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 24, 2008 1:26 pm

I've sent hem mounted behind the EOTech and they are perfect for that.

When mounting this to the eyepiece of a riflescope, doesn't this severely change your mounting requirements? For a riflescope that has 3-4" of eye relief to be mounted for daytime use, wouldn't the NVM-14 require you to mount the scope farther forward to allow the extra length of the setup? Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't doing this mean you could no longer use it as a daytime scope without remounting it every time and having to re-zero the scope every time you switch it?

How does the short eye relief work with larger caliber bolt rifles and preventing "scope eye" under recoil?


Post by ATN_Rep on Thu Apr 24, 2008 1:05 pm


Actually we have an adapter for the NVM14 to fit to the rear of a day scope, which would convert your day scope into night vision.
We also have a quick release weapon mount adapter, if you want to put the NVM14 behind an eotech.

ATN Rep[/url]

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 24, 2008 11:20 am

Sounds all inclusive, but does not do everything I want. I want to be able to attach it to my existing riflescope to make it a night vision riflescope. Got any suggestions?

ATN NVM14 Night Vision Multi-Purpose Unit

Post by ATN_Rep on Tue Apr 22, 2008 5:57 pm

ATN is proud to introduce its newest addition to its product line.

The multi-purpose NVM-14 mini-monocular is a high-performance modular night vision device. It utilizes a technologically advanced intensifier tube to provide crisp, clear images in the darkest of conditions.

The NVM14 can be hand-held or head-, helmet-, or weapon-mounted. Optional accessories include a camera/camcorder adapter and 3x/5x afocal objective lenses. A dual bridge head/helmet adapter allows you to combine two NVM14’s into one binocular goggle system.

Its many uses include walking, weapon firing, short-range surveillance, map reading, vehicle maintenance, and administering first aid in moonlight or just starlight.

The current combat environment dictates compact, durable, and light-weight equipment in tactical operations. With more mission-critical equipment needed for effective job performance, every ounce of weight is a factor in how much equipment can effectively be carried. This is precisely why the ATN NVM14 was redesigned - to reduce critical weight, while enhancing durability and usability. The individualized eyepiece approach to night-time operations is based on the proven concept that independent use of each eye maximizes the ability of the user to operate under a wider range of low light conditions. This implementation enhances the field of view while reducing the risks of temporary night blindness typically associated with previous generations of night time goggles.

Another advanced feature of the ATN NVM14 is the IR indicator in the FOV of the monocular. This indicator tells the operator if the IR illuminator is on or off, giving more control than that available on older models. The ATN NVM14 also features a flood lens, for enhanced map reading under night time conditions. We also incorporated our Automatic Brightness Control sub-system to give the operator every technological advantage on today’s battlefield.

When using the flip-up head- or helmet-mount mechanism with the NVM14, the unit has an automatic shut-off system that turns the power off when the device is raised into the non-viewing position. When the device is returned to its working position, the system automatically turns on. This feature dramatically extends battery life and speed on the battlefield. With this feature, an operator doesn’t need to worry about fumbling with a switch, before entering a higher light environment. Just flipping the unit up to turn it off greatly improves the speed, efficiency and survivability of the operator.

The NVM14 is lighter and more compact than the Mil Spec PVS14 and is fully submersible to a depth of 66 feet (20 meters). The NVM14 is compatible with most weapon-mounted IR laser aiming and illuminating devices.