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Correct Digital Camera Card

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Re: Correct Digital Camera Card

Post by Jne_K on Sat Oct 08, 2011 7:33 am


In that camera, you can use an SD, SDHC, or SDXC card, so you can use any brand, any capacity SD, SDHC, or SDXC standard (not micro) SD memory card. Not familiar with that brand, but if it is labeled as an SDHC, as it appears to be, you're good to go. If in doubt, check with the people that make the card, but these days, SD cards are so universal that it is a rare exception for a given camera not to digest a given brand of SD card. Just about anything you buy at Wal-mart or your local drugstore will work.

A word on capacity. Keep in mind that even a 4 GB card will allow you to store HUNDREDS and I do mean HUNDREDS of pics. I've never used more than a 2GB card in my digitals and have yet to fill the card, even on vacation. The only possible use I can see for a 16GB card is if you are shooting mostly video, because video does eat up capacity. Even if you shoot at the max resolution of the V-Lux 2, namely, 14MP, a 4 GB card is plenty. In actual use, most users, myself included, select a lower resolution on the camera for most of our shots, because lower resolution pics are much, much quicker and easier to download and e-mail and the lower the pic resolution, the lower the capacity card needed. Then, too, the limiting factor on pic sharpness when viewing on a computer is the resolution of the computer screen, itself, and NO computer has a screen that can match anything close to 14 MB resolution. Let's face it, most of us never get our pics off the computer screen and into the printer. Only use I have for that much resolution is on pics I want to print and enlarge and, once again, it takes a high capacity, pro grade printer to do justice to a 14 MP pic. Not going to happen on the typical home computer printer.

Great camera, by the way. The world makes far too much noise on MP resolution on digital cameras. Lens quality is still what it takes to get a great pic and what could be better in terms of a lens than a Leica?

Hope this helps. Enjoy your Leica.

Correct Digital Camera Card

Post by gkjconsulting on Fri Oct 07, 2011 11:36 am

I have just ordered a [link=]Leica[/link] V-Lux 2 digital cammera and would like to know which [link=]memory card[/link] to purchase. I am very confused on which card to get specifically. I would like to purchase a 16 GB Transcend card but I am not sufe if it is the correct format - item etc. The SKU Number is TS16GCF133.
Is this the right card for this camera ? Is this an SDHC card ? Do I need a card reader or anything else ? I can not look at the manual as I have not received the camera yet as it is on backorder and I am trying to order the memeory card at the same time. Any he;p wpuld be appreciated. Glen