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OpticsPlanet Advertising WARNING

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Re: OpticsPlanet Advertising WARNING

Post by normalgeek on Wed Oct 31, 2012 12:42 am

Vfin, I can understand that you're frustrated, but I have a feeling that OP was simply following the manufacturers MAP or minimum advertised price. I work in distribution and a company even as big as OP can get in trouble if they don't follow the price guidelines set by the manufacturer. I do not work or am in no way affiliated with OP, I'm just stating what I believe is the case.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Re: OpticsPlanet Deceptive Advertising WARNING

Post by Trevor_B on Fri Oct 12, 2012 9:16 am


As I pointed out, and if you bothered to look, most major if not every distributor raised their price according to Bushnell's guidelines. I am sure you actually did look and this is why you are so upset, but the reality is the price went up. Also, you are still receiving a coupon code to lower the price $100? which lowers the price $100 more than you can find at any other retailer.

You may have been mis informed, so this is why I am clarifying. Bushnell stated they keep prices set, which they did, which we are following. Once again, I am sorry you are frustrated, but do not arbitrarily make comments to insult anyone, not needed. If you are unhappy with this manufacture set pricing, please direct your comments to Bushnell. As stated again, we do price matching, and also sent you a $100 off coupon. I am trying to answer questions for you, and once again, we ARE in the business of satisfying customers and NOT in the business of losing them. Sorry again for your views.

Re: OpticsPlanet Deceptive Advertising WARNING

Post by vfin on Fri Oct 12, 2012 8:01 am

Thanks for responding Trevor, however I respectfully say to you that your reply, in and of itself, doesn't make sense.

Let me explain.

Basically your "excuse" for artificially inflating prices in conjunction with (and immediately prior to) your "Special Discount Deal" proves my allegation is correct about OpticsPlanet.

You claim Busnell (in essence) "commanded" OpticsPlanet to raise the price of the scope by an additional $100.00

Then why is it that when I called OpticsPlanet's customer service yesterday, the sales associate said "OH, the discount on that specific scope is (yes you guessed it Trevor) $100.00 He continued, so the scope will cost you $1,299.00 which is the same price "WE HAD PREVIOUSLY ADVERTISED".

So you guys are commanded to "increase prices" by Bushnell (yes?)...and then you "reduce prices" behind Bushnell's back?

By the way, I telephoned Bushnell's Corporate Office Regional Sales Manager yesterday, and when I read your reply to them the Bushnell staff member said "We have no idea what he (Trevor) is talking about" further saying, "Yes, we do limit high pricing and low pricing to maintain quality pricing, but as long as our authorized vendors (OpticsPlanet) stay within the price ranges they contractually agreed to, we don't intervene in their business and request they up their prices".

Trevor... your nose is growing. But hey, when you are caught in a lie like you've just been, that's what "some" vendors do.

I would have expected a higher performance standard from OpticsPlanet....but oh well, that's life.


Re: OpticsPlanet Deceptive Advertising WARNING

Post by Trevor_B on Thu Oct 11, 2012 2:46 pm

Hi Vfin,

I can understand you being frustrated, but you must have seen that every distributor and retailer of the Elite tactical scope increas4ed the price as well. This increase is not in our hands, but rather Bushnell. We MUST as their distributors for their pricing policies or risk losing their account, which would mean many many many orders lost. Sounds like you are on the forums a lot, so you will see that the price adjustment is across the board. I apologize again if you were watching it at 1299, but when the manufacturer sends us the report, we must follow.

No one will delete your post, but UI hope you understand that we did not change a price intentionally because you were wanting it and received and email. We also have a price match policy so if you find that scope for that 1299 price at an authorized dealer for Bushnell and in stock, we will honor it. It's our business to make customers happy, but we have to follow the rules from the big guys as well.

OpticsPlanet Advertising WARNING

Post by vfin on Thu Oct 11, 2012 1:26 pm

I'm alleging "Deceptive Advertising" against OpticsPlanet, who sent me an e-mail saying "call us" with the product code for the item you wish to buy to obtain a "discount". And then mere days before OpticsPlanet sent its "get a discount from us e-mail" to me, OpticsPlanet raises the price of the item I've been watching $100.00 more than its original $1,299.00 price which I followed for many weeks, yes...OpticsPlanet raised prices to the current $1,399.00 to then send me a "discount e-mail" ? And then when I call OpticsPlanet you sleeze-bags state the discount is $100.00 -- So I'm back to the original price there isn't really a meaningful discount at all is there (?), just shady deceptive advertising practices at best to make unaware consumers think your giving them a deal or a bargain.

We consumers who track your products aren't that dumb as to fall for your sales ploys. I'm going to go on every gun forum I am a member of and mention OpticsPlanet's misleading advertising.

You lost this sale ---> ... scope.html

vfin ps. To the Forum Administrator, I bet you'll delete this truthful message faster than you can say "Shysters".