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Bushnell 78-6114 for Christmas but can't see a thing

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Post by Jne_K on Mon Mar 09, 2009 10:03 am


If you are seeing a reflection of your eye when looking through the telescope, you are only looking through the focuser, not the eyepiece. You must insert an eyepiece in the focuser to use the telescope. Without an eyepiece, the telescope is useless. You should have been provided with at least two eyepieces on any Bushnell telescope. The eyepiece is what provides magnification and you change magnification on a telescope by changing eyepieces. With an eyepiece inserted, images will be upside down - this is normal for this type of telescope and not an issue for astronomy

Do NOT touch anything INSIDE the telescope tube or anything that has screws or you will alter the adjustment of the mirrors. You only remove the plastic dust caps at the TOP of the telescope - the end of the telescope where you find the focuser. On a reflector like yours the end near the focuser is pointed to the sky and this is the end where you remove the plastic caps. In other words, the focuser on a reflector is at the top of the telescope, not the bottom as in a refractor. Never touch the cap or screws at the bottom of the telescope until you know the basics of adjusting the mirrors - not something you are ready to do at this point.

For some helpful articles which can be used with any telescope, see my artocles:

For the basics on how to setup and use your telescope, see my article
Telescope FAQs

For advice on how to select an observing site and more, see A Dozen Telescope Observing Tips For Beginners

Since telescope eyepieces are the most important accessory for any telescope, you may also wish to do more reading with my article, Ten Telescope Eyepiece Questions

I strongly recommend a local astronomy club. An astronomy club is the quickest way to learn both astronomy and telescopes and astronomers are almost universally willing to help a beginner. A basic book on telescopes and astronomy is also a good option. Try "Nightwatch" by Terence Dickinson, available at any large bookstore. Two excellent magazines, available in stores or the internet are Astronomy Magazine and Sky&Telescope.

Bushnell 78-6114 for Christmas but can't see a thing

Post by To the Moon on Mon Mar 09, 2009 9:37 am

We have reviewed the instruction manual several times but still we can't seem to see anything with the telescope except for our own eye reflected back through the eye piece. I found some information on a website that suggested:

"Many scopes like this come with two-part lens caps. Make sure you haveremoved both parts of the lens cap: the front opening should be as big as the whole tube, about 5 inches in diameter"

I am looking for more details as to what removing both parts of the lens cap means. We can remove the plastic dust cap. When we remove the dust cap there is a black piece of metal with 4 screws inside the tube (one in the centre all the way in and 3 at the edges that are only partly screwed in). Do we remove those? What do we actually remove as part of the two part lens cap?