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Accessories and replacement parts for Meade DS-2130AT?

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Re: Accessories and replacement parts for Meade DS-2130AT?

Post by Jne_K on Wed Dec 08, 2010 11:59 am

Very few places carry parts to build telescopes, anymore, and that's what you will need to find, short of buying another used telescope for parts. Orion used to carry replacement focusers and OP has carried replacement focusers, but only for refractors, in the past. My guess is that your best option is to try to find a similar used model and part it out.

Re: Accessories and replacement parts for Meade DS-2130AT?

Post by Yarrb53 on Wed Dec 08, 2010 8:01 am

I have a similar problem. The small plastic gear that fine tunes the up and down adjustment on my Meade telescope is stripped. I wrote the company direct and they no longer support this model. It's a simple fix, one small 1/4 gear, has rendered the whole mechanism useless. I'm going to try a hobby shop, any suggestions?

Re: Accessories and replacement parts for Meade DS-2130AT?

Post by Jne_K on Mon Apr 19, 2010 8:10 am


That was a very concise and well-communicated request. Wish all the questions I get were so well done.

Okay, no, OP does not carry focusers that would fit a reflector, but I have found them at Orion, in the past and some other smaller online companies that sell telescope building components- try doing a google search for telescope parts or telescope building. If all else fails, you could probably find a cheap reflector (but it must be a reflector) at a garage sale and rob the focuser of of it. JUST BE SURE the focuser you get is a focuser that takes 1.25" eyepieces and you have the second problem licked. Converting to 1.25" from ".965 inch via an adapter poses problems. First, the adapters are difficult to find - only a few are made and those are often backorder. Meade makes one in the AD-2, #07501, but that only works with focusers that have enough back travel (1.5"). May not work in your older DS. Personally, I would just try to replace the entire focuser and do my best to find a better quality focuser. You may have to drill new holes and so on, but a new focuser would be your best solution.

Finders are an easy fix. Just get a red dot like the Celestron Star Pointer or a good aftermarket red dot. These are much better choices than the cheap little 6x30 optical finder scopes you typically find on telescopes in this class. You can actually use velcro or double-sided tape to attach the Celestron or other red dots, so no drilling required.

Okay, I'm going to tell you straight that that scope, in particular, that mount, is less than ideal for astrophotography. You will be able to take short exposures of the moon and planets, but no long term exposures of deep-sky objects and those are the typical targets of choice for most astrophotographers. The problem is field rotation. The DS mount will track the objects, but the computer in the DS needs to move the scope twice - up/down, right-left - as the object tracks across the sky in a gentle arc. This produces blurry images around the center of your pic. The middle of the pic will be relatively sharp, but the field around it will not. More expensive scopes on fork mounts cure this with accessories called wedges or field de-rotaters, but not options you can add to a DS and, even if you could, these accessories cost more than the scope is worth.

More serious issue is the drive system, itself. That drive really doesn't have the kind of accuracy for really good long exposures. Good pics require a drive that allows you to make minor corrections in speed as needed. Lastly, there is a serious problem of weight. The drive is not designed for that kind of weight - you could damage the gears and motor and, yes, you will definitely need to jury rig the scope with counterweights.

The adapters are the easy part. A standard , prime-focus t-adapter and a t-ring for an EOS will get you started, but, again, you may discover that the focuser on your old DS does not have enough focus travel to handle these accessories.

Overall, I would I would suggest using your scope, as is, to learn the basics of telescopes and astronomy. Upgrade the focuser and eyepieces, yes, but, even then, by the time you purchase more eyepieces and a focuser, you have already put more money in the scope than you can ever recover if you sell it. Your call, there. The finder scope is a must

Honestly, I would move on to another scope, though, before I tackled astrophotography. Not to say you cannot use a DS for astrophotography, but it is going to give you a lot of headaches and that is not something you want if you are starting out in astrophotography.

Accessories and replacement parts for Meade DS-2130AT?

Post by RobbW on Fri Apr 16, 2010 1:16 pm

I just recently purchased a used Meade DS-2130AT 130MM Reflector off of Craig's List. It was old and dusty and had a few broken parts, but nothing major. I have spent the last couple nights cleaning it up, repairing what I can, and collimating the scope. Now that it is ready for use, I want to get some accessories and replacement parts for a couple items I couldn't repair. I would appreciate any advice anyone could provide.

First, some of the plastic teeth on the focuser tube are broken. If I rotate the focus knob until the tube is almost fully retracted, the gears hit the broken teeth and cannot move any farther in or out. I have to manually pull the tube out a bit until the gears/teeth catch again. Does Optics Planet carry replacement focuser tubes? If not, where could I get one?

Second, the telescope came with .965" EPs. I would like to upgrade to at least 1.25" if not bigger. What accessories do I need in order to convert from .965" to 1.25" besides the bigger EPs? The EP holder on top of the focuser tube screws off. Do I just need to get a bigger EP holder that will screw onto the focuser tube? Is this an adapter of some type?

Next, the finder scope for my DS-2130 is missing. Where can I get a replacement? Do I have to get an exact replacement part or can I use a different finder scope that Optics Planet carries?

Next, I am an avid photographer (former professional) and would love to apply my skills to astrophotography. What accessories/adapters would I need to attach my DSLR to this scope? I know I will need a T-adapter, but I'm not sure which one. I will be using a Canon 40D. Can I even attach a DSLR to the DS-2130? Is there anything special I would need to do to stabilize/balance the scope for astrophotography?

Finally, I live in the Chicago suburbs and would like to get the parts I need very quickly. Does Optics Planet offer local pick up for purchases? My wife and daughter are on vacation in Myrtle Beach returning tomorrow evening. Tonight will be my last bachelor night where I can run willy nilly around the 'burbs buying the parts I need.

Thanks for any advice and help!