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Prescription sunglasses AR coating problems

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Re: Prescription sunglasses AR coating problems

Post by larumd on Thu Jan 26, 2012 12:16 pm

Sometimes in Europe they will tint the 1.74. What country to you currently live in? You really should be speaking to the lab that processed your order. High Index 1.67 can be tinted. In regards to the backside AR, they do not apply it to the front because the tint needs to absorb the light to give more clarity to your vision. If you have AR on the front of a sunglasses lenses the light will be reflected off. Generally labs will apply AR to both sides of clear lenses.

I hope this helps.

Re: Prescription sunglasses AR coating problems

Post by elesen on Wed Jan 25, 2012 11:46 pm

Hm, thank you for that information. I only said I had the ultra thin 1.74 because I paid price for that at the office. They're going to have one angry customer now.

This vizoptic website states that they cannot make 1.67 with tint and AR. Is this true, and is this possibly why my AR came back with that oily-rainbow-swirl look? What are the limitations to putting these tints and coatings on?

Your suggestion to the back-side AR coating--I understand that AR coatings improve your clarity by reducing the glares/reflections through the lens. Will having only one side of the lens affect the visibility through the lenses, such that having both sides coated will detract more of the reflections? I ask this only because I'm hesitant to pay a lot more money for polarized lenses since these are prescription and my prescription can change. Also, will only having the backside-AR coat show up in pictures?, where if I were to take a picture with flash, will the glare show up?

Also, I asked the opticians at the optometry store about how not to have the oil-rainbowswirl-effect from the AR coat. They stated that it was a reaction between all of my specifications, which I'm not entirely certain is true or not. When adding this coat, can you intentionally make it oily-swirly looking? I've never seen it happen on any of my other AR-coated glasses and some other tinted glasses. They've always been an even greenish-red color.

Apologies for all of these questions. The people who work at my optometry store really don't know anything and never answer my questions. Thank you so much!

Re: Prescription sunglasses AR coating problems

Post by larumd on Wed Jan 25, 2012 3:56 pm


Thank you for the post. I first want to inform you that High Index 1.74 cannot be tinted. This is an industry rule. It may be High Index 1.67 that they used. I have spoken to my local lab and they suggest getting a G-15 polarized lenses with backside AR. If you do ask them to remake the order you can request them to keep the AR from swirling. You will be able to see some color from the anti-reflective coating but not the swirls. This should be a free remake to insure your satisfaction.

I hope this helps.

Prescription sunglasses AR coating problems

Post by elesen on Tue Jan 24, 2012 9:20 pm


I didn't know where else to go for this since I haven't been able to google an answer. I've been trying to get prescription Raybans for quite some time, and every time it comes back, I am dissatisfied.

First off, the specifications.
Prescription: -5
Lens: Ultra-high index 1.74 and above, the aspheric flat kind
Tint: G-15, but asked to be a little darker as the first time it came back, the color was too light.
Coatings: Anti-reflective (the one with the lowest price since I'm not sure what it's called)

My problem is the anti-reflective coating. When the sunglasses came back the second time with the darker tint, I noticed that the AR was not even throughout the lens. Rather, it was reminiscent of a rainbow, or gasoline swirls on the concrete in a wavy fashion. I'm not sure how else to describe it. One of the technicians at the optometry store said that this is normal and it might just be a reaction between all of my specifications.

Is this true, or are they just trying to get out of sending it back to the VSP lab to re-do it? And why is it that I didn't notice these swirls with the lighter G-15 tint? Is there any other option I can do to avoid this swirly AR coating? I put the AR mainly because it helps the clarity of my vision and for aesthetic purposes, and I refuse to wear them if they are swirly looking under the light as that is the main reason why I'd wear sunglasses in the first place. Will switching the AR coat to a different type help? I'm very frustrated with all of this because I don't spend all of this money on something I don't like. I hope someone with more experience will have an answer. Thank you in advance!