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Product No Longer Available

Unfortunately LOMO MULTISCOPE BRH4-POL microscope is no longer carried by OpticsPlanet. You can also explore other items in the Microscopes category yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you!

This model of LOMO Microscopes has been discontinued and is no longer available. Please visit our LOMO Microscopes page to see the whole collection of LOMO scopes or check out Microscopes section of our store.

LOMO MULTISCOPE BRH4-POL microscope Product Info

best value in theworld of microscopy must be the general-purpose Multiscope™ line ofmodular microscopes! Sparkling RMS Achromat and Plan Achromat optics with a 33mmparfocal distance, an extensive array of included and optional accessories, andmodest prices make the Multiscope™ BRH4-POL an ideal choice whenclassic optical performance is required, but cost must be a consideration. Evenat our low prices, every Multiscope™ BRH4-POL microscope includes a LimitedLifetime Warranty.

Do not confuse the LOMO BRH4-POL microscope with the cheaply made, lowcost optics so frequently seen in advertisements and retail stores. This is aruggedly made microscope with serious imaging capabilities! Utilizing aprecision circular, rotating and centerable stage, a glass polarizer andanalyzer, and a high resolution optical system consisting of 4x and 10x planachromats, 40x and 100x flat field achromats and a focusable 1.25 N.A. abbecondenser, the BRH4-POL will astonish you with its image quality and easeof use. Ready to use "out-of-the box", the BRH4-POL is capableof looking at hairs and fibers, thin sections of minerals, explosives, glass,asbestos, biologicals and more!

The binocularhead on all Multiscopes™ includes a field-flattening 1.5x internal lenssystem to boost the microscope magnification 50%! For example, with the standard10x widefield eyepieces, using the 4x objective yields an image magnification of60x (10X x 4X x 1.5X). Using the 10x objective with the 10x eyepieces yields amagnification of 150x. Using the 40x objective yields 600x magnification, and soon to the 100x oil immersion objective, which yields an image magnification of1,500x. Such a magnification range requires an ultra-precise focusing system.The "FineWheel™" fine focus control is ergonomically placedin the base of the microscope to limit unnecessary hand movement, and is coupledto one of the smoothest, most precise focusing systems in the microscopeindustry.

The LOMO®BRH4-POL microscope also includes a brilliant 12V/20W variable intensityilluminator with a centerable bulb, and a precision 12-leaf aperture irisdiaphragm in the sub-stage condenser. A swing-out reduction lens on thecondenser allows the correct illumination of the full field of view with allobjectives ranging from 4x to 100x. The built-in lamp housing sharply and evenlyilluminates the specimen, while the external, variable intensity power supplykeeps any transformer heat away from the microscope. 

Should you wish to "turbo-charge" your illumination to aid in highmagnification observations, or to ad brightness to your sample'sbirefringence, a modestly priced 6V/15W halogen Koehler illuminator may bepurchased as an optional accessory.

The array of optional Multiscope™ accessories includes a trinocularhead capable of attaching 35mm, video and digital camera adapters forphotomicrography, an assortment of eyepiece reticles, contrast-enhancing andneutral density filters, phase contrast, darkfield and reflected light upgrades,special objectives - and much, much more! Just ask!

Note: Unfortunately,the BRH4-POL microscope does not include or accept compensator(retardation) plates. It is strictly designed to be a qualitative polarizedlight microscope, and we apologize for the inconvenience. It is possible,however, to purchase small sheets of retardation film and insert them into thelight path by hand to simulate the effect of compensators. If you need apolarized light microscope capable of using and accepting compensators, thenplease ask us about the POLAM series of polarized light microscopes. Ifyou have any questions, please emailus.

Sample Applications

  • Education: Biology, Chemistry, Zoology
  • Health/Environmental: Asbestos and IAQ
  • Geology: Rock Thin Sections and Minerals
  • Forensic: Trace evidence examination, Hair and Fiber ID, Glass analysis

Ifyou plan to take pictures or video, you will need a trinocular version of thismicroscope. In some cases our adapters can fit into an eyepiece tube on thebinocular head. However, we find this to be an inconvenience most of the timeand highly recommend a trinocular head for photomicrography. The TRH4-POL-V,F or E is the trinocularversion of the BRH4-POL (-V comes with a 1.0x C-mount adapter for videocameras and some digital cameras, -F comes with a 2.4X T-mount adapter designedfor attaching 35mm cameras, and the -E comes with a telescoping DIN standard(23.2mm) eyepiece tube adapter for inserting our digital camera adapters or 3rdparty adapters) As with any of the items offered in our store, we encourageyou to email us withany questions!


OPTICAL SYSTEM: 160mm Mechanical Tube Length, 33mm Parfocal Distance, 28X–1500X Magnification for observation

HEAD Binocular 45° inclined, 360° rotatable. Magnification factor: 1.5X. IPD adjustment range: 55mm–75mm. DA for the left eyepiece: ±5dpt
STAND UniFrame™ • Observation head universal dovetail mount. Accepts heads, Epi-Illuminators, and photo-attachments.

• Dovetail nosepiece mount. Allows the use of an interchangeable nosepiece or an Epi-Objective adapter.

• Centerable condenser mount. Rack-and-pinion focusing with tension adjustment and safety stop.

• Condenser vertical movement: 22mm.

• Sturdy and stable base with four rubber feet.

• Chemical- and scratch-resistant finish.

FOCUSING Coarse Two large knurled knobs. Built-in slip clutch mechanism. Tension adjustment. Travel range: 42mm
FineWheel™ Large knurled disk built into the base. Adjustment range: 2.5mm with 0.45mm of vertical travel per full revolution.
NOSEPIECE Quadruple Built-in precision click stops for parfocality and parcentricity of the objectives. Dustproof. Chrome-plated.
STAGE Rotatable Round, 360° rotatable, centerable stage. Size: 122mm. Two integral centering knobs and locking screw. Knurled edge for comfortable grip. Two specimen clips.
CONDENSER Brightfield N.A. 1.25, Abbe type. Spherically corrected. Built-in aperture diaphragm and swing filter holder.

Variable Halogen

Built in, 12V/20W. Easy bulb replacement and filament alignment. Internal heat-absorbing filter. External power supply for additional safety and cooler operation.
OBJECTIVE EAB Achromats (4) 4 X 0.12, 10 X 0.25, 40 X 0.65 (spring loaded), 100 X 1.25 Oil Immersion (spring loaded)
EYEPIECE ESW Series (2 pc) 10X, F.N. 18 Widefield. High eyepoint.
POLARIZING Polarizer 360° rotatable, graduated in 45° increments. Mounts onto the illuminator housing.
Analyzer 360° rotatable. Mounts onto the observation heads.
FILTERS Diffusing 33mm.
Blue 33mm.
Miscellaneous Instruction manual, dust cover, spare bulb, immersion oil (Type A, 1/4 oz)



(USA, Canada, and Mexico only)


MULTISCOPE™ Microscopes are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the life of the instrument. Normal wear, or damage resulting from abuse, accident, alteration, misuse, service by an unauthorized party or shipping damage, are excluded from this warranty and are not covered. LOMO America, Inc. will repair or replace the defective microscope covered by this warranty free of charge if it is returned, postage prepaid, to LOMO America's Service Center in Prospect Heights, Illinois in its original package. A Return Authorization Number (RAN) has to be obtained from LOMO America, Inc. prior to shipping. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights that vary from state to state and country to country.

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