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Real Kids Sunglasses is committed to protecting your children's eyes! Real Kids Sunglasses began as My First Shades in 2001, making kids sunglasses in response to the lack of serious dedicated eyewear for children. The Real Kids Shades sunglasses brand has been encouraging early eye protection and strengthening public awareness of the irreversible effects of UVA and UVB damage to the eyes of children ever since. Their lines of infant sunglasses and baby sunglasses have evolved and expanded to include a full line of kids eyewear, with sunglasses for children ranging in age from newborns up to age 12. Today, My First Shades are a safe, stylish and fun way to protect your children's eyes, and encourage healthy eye protection habits for years to come! My First Shades eyewear is uniquely designed with the "Stay Put Power" of comfortable, flexible, and fully adjustable Neoprene head bands.

We stock the full line of Real Kids Shades, including their signature My First Shades sunglasses. Real Kids makes infant sunglasses for babies, infants and toddlers age 0 - 36 months, and older children's sunglasses for tweens and adolescents in age ranges of 3 to 7 years, 5 to 8 years, and 8 to 12 years.

Why do your children need kids sunglasses from Real Kids Shades?

Children should never undergo long sun exposure without eye protection. Even infants and toddlers should wear baby sunglasses. Active outdoor families would never go anywhere without protecting their children's skin from the sun's harmful rays - survey results show that 82% of parents encourage their children to wear sunscreen. But only 32% of parents encourage their children to wear sunglasses - even though a child's visual health is equally vulnerable to the sun. Not surprisingly, fewer people understand the sun's harmful effects. Although the sun is our main source of Vitamin D, UV lights can cause "photokeratitis". Just like sunburn on skin, photokeratitis is sunburn of the eye. Extended exposure to the sun during childhood can lead to impaired vision, cataracts, and even blindness. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, infants and children under ten years of age are at an increased risk for retinal injury. Children's eyes are not fully developed, and are susceptible to greater penetration of harmful UV rays. Exposure to UV rays can lead to eye disease such as macular degeneration which scientists now believe is a leading cause of blindness in older individuals.

That's where My First Shades comes in. Real Kids Shades understand the importance of maximum sun protection for childrens eyes, and integrates eye protection with original, fun and fashionable designs. The American Optometric Association recommends larger lenses, well fitted close to the surface of the eye, to provide the best protection. The AOA further recommends polycarbonate construction for its shatterproof quality, and soft temples or bands for comfort and safety - all available with Real Kid Shades. With My First Shades and other Real Kids Shades Sunglasses, you have affordable, and flexible ways to defend your children against irreparable eye damage caused by harmful UV rays. With an optimum eye protection guarantee, durable materials and innovative designs, MFS Eyewear take pride in being the leading innovators of 100% UVA and UVB protection for kids' eyes. Real Kids Shades believes in early intervention, so that your children can be protected during their most vulnerable years. Remember: "their eyes first, so their eyes last!"

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