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OpticsPlanet, Inc. is the web's number one destination of Newtonian telescopes. The Newtonian telescope was the first type of reflecting telescope ever developed, and it's simple design and high performance continues to make them popular today. As the name implies, Sir Isaac Newton invented the Newtonian telescope by using two mirrors, the first curved, the second flat, that focused light to an eyepiece to make distant objects larger. As they've been around since 1668, these telescopes have gone through numerous upgrades over the years, with better lens and mirror materials employed today, but the principle stays the same. We carry the highest quality Newtonian telescopes from Meade, Celestron, Galileo and Vixen. Still have questions about which telescope to pick? Check out our helpful guide on How To Buy a Telescope.

More About Newtonian Telescopes

Newtonian telescopes are the some of the most sophisticated telescopes around and make a perfect choice for type the astronomers who loves hi-tech gadgetry and electronics. The Newtonian telescope is also perfect for the astronomer that has many different requirements. The best kept secret of the Newtonian Telescope is its size - it is provides great value for money and suits amateurs just as well as advanced hobbyists and is usually portable enough to take to Star Parties.

Advantages of a Newtonian Design?

  • No Chromatic Aberration
  • Inexpensive compared to other telescopes
  • Simplification of fabrication
  • Compact Mounting System