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Product Discontinued by Manufacturer

Nikon Instruments Eclipse E100 Advanced Biological Binocular Phase Package 90451 has been discontinued by Nikon Instruments and is no longer available. Our product experts have helped us select these available replacements below.

Nikon Instruments Eclipse E100 Advanced Biological Binocular Phase Package 90451 Product Info

Nikon Eclipse E100 Advanced Biological Binocular Phase Package 90451 is an upright microscope with outstanding optical performance combined with elegant ergonomic design. The compact, lightweight and ergonomic Nikon Eclipse E 100 incorporates anti-mold technology in the objective lenses, eyepiece lenses and eyepiece tubes to protect the Eclipse E100 in high humidity environments.

Both anti-mold paint and anti-mold tablets are employed offering a high level of protection. The Nikon Eclipse E - 100 Microscope Series incorporates Nikon 's exclusive CFI Infinity Optical System which excels at correcting both chromatic aberration and spherical aberration of the field of view, and features longer working distances and higher numerical apertures. A new series of BE Plan Achromat objectives have been designed especially for the Nikon Biological E100 Binocular Brightfield Transmitted Light Microscope with excellent optical corrections and very flat optical performance. This means clear, bright images at every magnification. The microscope eyepiece is inclined at 30 degrees allowing comfortable viewing in a very natural posture and the eyepiece height has a 34 millimeter adjustment range to fit every body type. In addition, the eye pieces have a wide diopter adjustment range and a field of view (FOV) of 18 millimeters. Observation and comfort are even more enhanced with interpupillary distance adjustment up to 74 millimeters on the Siedentopf head without changing the magnification factor.

The built-in double plate stage with low position XY controls combine with coaxial coarse/fine focusing in the ideal ergonomic seating position and the torque of the coarse focus knob is adjustable for even greater comfort. The high quality quadruple nosepiece has a superior internal detent click stop mechanism and a knurled elastic covered ring on the nosepiece makes objective selection a breeze with positive feedback without the need to touch the objectives. The powerful long life 6V/20W halogen lamp is adjustable up to six volts for precise illumination control. Replacement is quick, easy and trouble free. Simply detach the field lens unit at the front of the base, remove the old bulb and put a new one in place.

The modular design allows the addition of a phase contrast accessory or a digital camera system. Simple phase contrast observation at 10X and 40X is possible with a single phase annulus slider. Another option incorporates a phase contrast slider for 100X and a darkfield stop for 10X, 20X or 40X. Both options automatically open the aperture diaphragm as the slider is positioned. This microscope accepts adapters for a variety of digital camera selections as well as a trinocular head. Other microscope accessories include a convenient cord hanger, a storage case, object marker and even a mirror unit for observation in situations when electrical power is unavailable or for use in field study situations.

Nikon microscopes, the global leader in advanced optical technology, designed the new infinity corrected microscope to provide outstanding optical performance with elegant ergonomic design. With a very small footprint, the Eclipse E100 Upright Binocular Brightfield Transmitted Light Microscope fits easily into the minimum storage space. Its revolutionary CFI optics achieve flat and sharp images right up to the periphery of the viewfield. Allowing phase contrast observations as well as brightfield, the Nikon Eclipse 100 is the perfect student microscope and basic clinical microscope

Included in the 90451 - Nikon E100 Advanced Binocular Phase Package

  • E100 Main body with Built-in Mechanical Stage (Includes Power Cord, Manual, Dust Cover, 6V 20W Bulb)
  • E2-TB Binocular Eyepiece Tube Anti-Mold
  • E1-CFI 10X Eyepiece w/diopter sdjustment, FN 18mm, (X2)
  • E100 Phase Contrast Condenser (requires PH slider)
  • E1-PHA Phase Slider A (10x/40x)
  • CFI BE Plan Achromat 4X NA 0.10 WD 25mm
  • CFI BE Plan Achromat DL 10X NA 0.25 WD 6.7mm
  • CFI BE Plan Achromat DL 40X NA 0.65 WD0.65mm
  • CFI BE Plan Achromat 100X Oil NA 1.25 WD 0.14mm
  • Filter 45mm Green Interference

Specifications for Nikon Eclipse E100 Advanced Biological Binocular Phase Package 90451:

Optical system: CFI optical system
Magnification: 40-1500x (depending on eyepieces)
Illumination: 6V-20W halogen lamp, FL (field lens) unit, lamp changeable by removing the field lens unit
Coarse and fine focusing: Coaxial coarse/fine focusing with cross roller guide incorporated, 22mm coarse/fine focusing range,Coarse Motion
Eyepiece tube: E2-TB binocular tube (inclination of 30 degrees)
Eyepiece lens (with rubber eyeguard): E1-CFI 10x (F.O.V. 18mm)
Condenser: E100 Phase Contrast Condenser, E1-PHA Phase Slider A (10x/40x), 45mm Green Interference Filter
Nosepiece: Quadruple click-stop, revolving mechanism with multiple ball bearings, elastic nosepiece grip-ring
Dedicated objectives: CFI BE Plan Achromat 4x (NA 0.1/W.D. 25mm), DL 10x (NA 0.25/W.D. 6.7), DL 40x (NA 0.65/W.D. 0.6), 100x (NA 1.25/W.D. 0.14mm)
Stage: Double-plate rectangular mechanical stage, stage size
Optional accessories: Phase contrast attachment (dedicated Abbe condenser, sliders, objectives (10x, 40x, 100x), phase centering telescope), object marker, darkfield ring unit, cord hanger, storage case, CFI E15x (F.O.V. 12mm) eyepieces
Substage: Adjustable vertical condenser movement range
Power consumption: 50w
Weight Approx.: 7.3kg

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Helpful Positive Review Very pleased by Legacy Reviewer, May 29, 2012
This microscope meets my expectations in plant biology studies. I wish I had bought it earlier.
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