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Oh, sure, you can get your office supplies anywhere.... if you just want plain old run-of-the-mill pens and paper. That's not what you'll find here, though. Our selection of office supplies is tactical grade - rugged, durable writing equipment that can brave the elements, withstand deployments, go with you on any mission and come back still shining. If you need waterproof paper and tactical pens, then we are the office supplier you've been looking for! If you need to take notes while hanging from the side of a cliff in the pouring rain, we can help - we've got waterproof notebooks, wateproof pens, pens that write upside down, pens with built-in window breakers, notecards that let you write underwater... products you never even though possible, developed for military, police and law enforcement, and special operations users, all to help you get the job done anywhere, any time. If your office is in a Humvee or a tent or under the clear blue sky - if you need the kind of office supplies that aren't meant to stay in the office - shop here!

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