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Olight pouches are designed for one thing and one thing only: to conveniently carry your flashlights. Though some O-Light flashlights are super-tiny, small enough to fit in a mouse's pocket, there are others that are real whoppers, though they have the power output to show for it. For these larger, less convenient flashlights, it helps to have an adequate holster to carry it. Thankfully, Olight knows the score; they manufacture several different flashlight pouches for specific breeds of O-Light flashlight. Some flashlights even come with their own O-Light pouch. Regardless of which flashlight you choose, these pouches are crafted out of tough nylon and hook to your person using sophisticated hardware that won't fail you when you need it. To carry your flashlights, even the biggest ones, with the greatest of ease, pack them away in a pouch by O Light.