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Tactical Fins, Inc. is the manufacturer of FlipFins diving fins, the only swim fins which provide total mobility in and out of the water, letting you walk normally while entering and exiting the water. The Amphibian Fin System is a natural evolution of swimming fin technology, with hinged fin blades that fold up against your shin, allowing you to walk normally without removing your scuba fins. Flipfins Amphibian Scuba Diving Fins feature the revolutionary and durable Aqua-Hinge mechanism and a highly efficient blade design, which provide an essential combination of performance and safety for scuba divers at all levels. Once in the water, the blades of the Tactical Fins Amphibian Flip Fins are flipped down into swimming position by simply kicking naturally in the water, and flipped back up by pushing back on the release levers before getting out. Flip Fins products are favored by

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the recreational, professional, military and public safety communities worldwide. From search and rescue to float fishing, Flip Fins offer power and comfort unmatched by any other diving fins for every type of user. Try them once, and you'll make them a permanent part of your diving gear.

We are an authorized distributor of Scuba Diving Equipment from Flipfins. We offer the full manufacturer's warranty, plus our own guarantee of 100% satisfaction. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives can answer all your questions about any of the products we sell. We believe in assisting customers in making informative decisions. Visit our informative product reviews page, as well as our Buying Guides and our Discussion Forums to learn more about Tactical Flip Fins products.