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Original SWAT Boots are made to go the distance. From inspection to the field of combat, these tactical boots are built for comfort and endurance, with features that put them a cut above the competition. Original SWAT Tactical Boots have been designed from the ground up for a modern approach to footwear. Original SWAT builds their boots with a computer-guided form based on the shape and size of the modern soldier, for an improved fit and better support that reflects the user's needs.

Among the elements that go into a pair of Original SWAT Boots are:

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  • The Last - The form or "last" is the basis of each pair of Original S.W.A.T. Boots, contributing significantly to the boot's comfort and fit. Original SWAT uses a last developed with the latest in computer technology, to reflect the size, shape and weight of the modern user.
  • Linings - many models of Original SWAT Boots feature moisture-wicking linings, which can draw up to a pint of moisture away from the foot every 3 hours.
  • Materials - leather and nylone uppers allow the foot to breath and moisture to exit from the boot.
  • Support - The heat formed heel counter ensures the stability of the foot, and prevents slippage laterally and lengthwise. Lack of stability is the major cause of fatigue and injury.
  • Shock Absorption Capacity - Original SWAT Military Boots use either Compression Molded EVA or air cushions to absorb shock on the heel, relieving the significant amounts of weight that come down on the heel when walking or running. Compression Molded EVA is an inch of closed cell foam-injected under pressure, providing total foot support without "memory". The EVA system is used in many different black boots as well as athletic shoes. The Air Cushion system is best for indoor activities, as the hazards of daily patrol can puncture or cause leakage in the "Air" cushion unit. The Air cushion provides the wearer with excellent shock absorption and cushioning while standing for long periods of time.
  • Support: each Original SWAT Boot contains a riveted sandwich lasting board with a steel or synthetic shank, providing both torsional and arch support, which are important where foot strike angles are uneven and extra weight is being carried. A removable contour molded innersole complete the support process, ensuring that the smaller muscles of the foot do no have to work excessively under extreme performance conditions.
  • Weight: Original SWAT Boots are designed to maximize strength while adding no extra weight. All components are intended to wear at approximately the same rate, as excessive durability will cause an increase in weight.
  • Closure Systems: Original S.W.A.T. Boots use laces, metal hardware and zippers to close the shoe. Functionally, the lacing system provides the last step in ensuring the foot is correctly seated and stable. Flat laces are not quite as convenient as round, but are far superior in regard to performance - particularly slippage. "Speed lace" metal hardware is most useful in the top 4 or 5 eyelets, after the bottom eyelets have been cinched in place using a "locking" eyelet. 5mm (tooth size) zippers from YKK more than meet the burst strength requirement, and have good flexibility. The 10mm tooth is less flexible and prone to snapping under pressure.

Original Swat Boots & Footwear

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