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Osprey Laser Boresight 223
$42.50 $59.95 Save 29%
Caliber: .223
Code: OS-BS-LsrBorSight-223
MPN: 223
UPC: 858226001697
Osprey 9mm Laser Boresight, No Arbor
$42.50 $59.95 Save 29%
Caliber: 9mm
Code: OS-BS-LsrBorSight-9mm-20x
MPN: 9mm
UPC: 858226001710
Osprey 30 Carbine Laser Boresight
$42.50 $59.95 Save 29%
Caliber: 30 Cal
Code: OS-BS-LsrBorSight-30CARB
MPN: 30 Carbine
UPC: 858226001703

Osprey Universal Laser Boresights (No Arbors) Product Info

The Osprey Universal Laser Boresights (No Arbors) are the most complete, accurate, easy and inexpensive way to accurately boresight your weapon. Just slide the Osprey Laser Boresight cartridge into the caliber-specific sleeve in your rifle chamber and a laser dot is projected down the exact centerline of your barrel for boresighter diagram extremely accurate scope or sight adjustment. Osprey Boresighters and Osprey Arbors are meticulously engineered with precision for a flawlessly centered dot every time by Osprey. An invaluable tool for any gun enthusiast, this boresighting unit will save time and ammunition while allowing you to sight your weapon in areas where discharging a firearm may not be possible and takes up no more space in your pocket than a rifle cartridge. Convenient on/off switch means you don't have to have the action closed and locked to activate the laser-sight.

Note: You must start with a Laser Boresight, then add an Arbor to make your cartridge. See chart below for more assistance

Available Osprey Laser Bore Sights:

  • 30CARB: 30 Carbine Laser Boresight
  • 9mm/20x: Osprey Laser Boresight 9mm
  • 22: Osprey 22 Laser Boresight
  • 50CalGr5mw: Osprey 50 Cal Green 5mw Laser Boresight
9mm-20x: Osprey 9mm Laser Boresight, No Arbor
30CARB: Osprey 30 Carbine Laser Boresight
223: Osprey Laser Boresight 223

Specifications for Osprey Universal Laser Bore Sight:

Minimum Range for Sighting: 15 yds
Maximum Range for Sighting: 100 yds
Wavelength: 645nm, 632nm (.223 20X)
Operation: On/Off End Cap
Battery Life: ~ 20 min
Laser Type: Visible Red Laser
Power: < 5mW
Battery: Three LR41 for .17, .223 & .223 20X, Three L626 for 9mm, Four L626 for 30 Carbine
Construction: Brass
Dot Size: 1.5 @ 100 yds.

Features of Princeton Tec Pilot Headlamp:

  • Water resistant to splashes/ quick dunking
  • Multiple modes and settings to regulate brightness, beam width and battery usage
  • Focused wide beams for multipurpose

Package Contents:

  • Princeton Tec Pilot Headlamp
  • 2 2016 Lithium Coin Cell Batteries

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Osprey Universal Laser Boresights (No Arbors) Comments

Customer Reviews
Helpful Positive Review laser boresight by Legacy Reviewer, August 13, 2011
i manufactor double barreled arms of different great for regulating barrels. could not do without.optics planet is very user frendley Pros: A-one Cons: where to get batteries
1/1 found this helpful
Helpful Negative Review Osprey Boresight by Legacy Reviewer, July 15, 2011
This product does not work with my specific rifle but may be fine for others. Do your homework - I didn't. RB Pros: NONE for me Cons: Will not fit in the chamber of my Henry Golden boy .17 HMR
2/2 found this helpful
Most Recent Review Osprey laser bore sighter and caliber conversion arbors by disappointed, December 1, 2014
These boresighters are a good idea, but the quality of the execution is terrible. Arbors get stuck in the rifle breech and require rodding down the barrel to get them out. Problem is that the laser comes out but the caliber conversion arbor stays s...
Most Recent Review the Osprey Universal Laser Boresights by Legacy Reviewer, January 15, 2012
the Osprey Universal Laser Boresights was 100% what i wanted. I got it fast in about 4 days. The people were very nice on the phone when i talked to them. I will all buy things from them before anyone. The sells people are always willing to help you ...
0/11 found this helpful
Most Recent Review Don't waste your money by Legacy Reviewer, September 23, 2011
If you go to the Manufactures website, you will see that it is designed for the Ruger 10/22... nothing else. This product won't fit in anything else. It will not fit in 22 Revolvers or Ruger Mark II's. It will not fit in any other type of 22 Rifle...
2/6 found this helpful
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