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Otis Technology cleaning kits are the primary focus of this popular weapons maintenance company. In operation since 1985, Otis Technology has been striving to create the highest quality cleaning tools on the market for over two decades, and they've largely succeeded. Otis Tech cleaning kits use the unique Breech-to-Muzzle cleaning methodology to methodically scour every aspect of your favorite firearms with several different components. With these cleaning tools, you can remove dirt and fouling by cleaning toward the muzzle and away from your weapon's action. High quality components are part and parcel of Otis cleaning tools: Memory Flex cleaning rods are made of flexible aircraft aluminum, their cleaning patches are composed of highly absorbent 100% cotton, and Otis Tech's Bore Brushes have more and better bristles than competitors. Every Otis cleaning kit is manufactured in the company's factory in Lyons Falls, New York, so you know you're buying local when you buy from Otis. Otis Technology gun maintenance kits are sure to keep your firearms functioning as well as the day you bought them.

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