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Otter Box Watertight Case 5010 is an ideal Waterproof Camera Case (for your 35mm camera, digital camera, video camera...). Otterbox Dry Box 5010 also can be used as a protective case for firearms, portable DVD players, first aid kits, dive masks, etc.

Otterbox 5010 Watertight Box Black 5010-20 is made with a fiber-glass reinforced ABS resin that is virtually indestructible. The closed cell neoprene o-ring creates a positive seal which does not allow water in. Easy-open latches provide effortless entry yet secure closing and customized silicone gaskets create a watertight seal. Special locking features add extra security. Otter Box Waterproof Storage Boxes were tested off at the coast of Alaska and reached depths well beyond 100 feet without leaking.

Otter Box Waterproof Cases 5010 are also available in Fluorescent Yellow (model 5010-05), and Orange (5010-40) colors.

Otterbox 5010 Otter Box Waterproof Cases include a purge valve to keep box airtight, reinforced carrying handle for secure grip, Pick n Pluck foam to allow customization of case to fit equipment. Otter Box Water Tight Boxes are waterproof, crushproof, and dustproof Storage Boxes , ideal for protecting any valuable.

Otter Boxes keep equipment safe from whatever Mother Nature brings. Take your Otter Box camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, kayaking, boating, canoeing, skiing, or on vacation. Each OtterBox Watertight Case comes with OtterBox Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.

Specifications for Otterbox 5010 Dry Box 5010-20:


Internal:  inches: L 9.375 - W 7.250 - D 4.125
 mm: L 238.13 - W 184.15 - D 104.78
External:  inches: L 9.900 - W 8.100 - D 4.875
 mm: L 251.46 - W 205.74 - D 123.83

Features of Otter Box Waterproof Cases, Black 5010 20:

  • Compound latch for a more positive seal and easy opening
  • Fiber-glass reinforced ABS, virtually indestructible
  • Folding carry handle for easy storing
  • Pick and Pluck foam for customized added protection
  • Locking feature for absolute security
  • Shoulder strap option for easy carrying and hands free operation
  • Purge valve to release atmospheric pressure
  • Stackable for easy storage
  • Waterproof - Crushproof - Guaranteed for life
  • Watertight to depths well beyond 100 feet
  • Floats and stays watertight in water.
  • Closed cell neoprene o-ring to keep water out
  • Stainless steel pins in hinge and latches (will not rust)

Package Contents:
  • Otterbox 5010 Watertight Box, Black w/ Pick and Pluck Foam - 5010-20 (1 layer of foam)