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OtterBox 3500 Watertight Box, Black 3500 20
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Color: Black
Code: OB-DX-3500-20
MPN: 3500-20
UPC: 660543350200
OtterBox 3500 Watertight Box, Clear 3500 01
$22.79 $28.49 Save 20%
Color: Clear
Code: OB-DX-3500-01
MPN: 3500-01
UPC: 660543350019

OtterBox Dry Box - OtterBox 3500 Product Info

OtterBox Dry Box - OtterBox 3500 is a great "carry-all" case that is perfect for imageprotecting GPS units, range finders, ski goggles, cameras, small video cameras and keeping your ammo dry during hunting season. Otter Box Waterproof Cases protect your valuables - especially electronics - from whatever Mother Nature brings. Otterbox Waterproof Cases are made with a fiber-glass reinforced ABS resin that is virtually indestructible. All Otter Box Cases feature a closed-cell neoprene o-ring that seals out water. Independent tests show Otter Box Waterproof Cases keep valuables dry to depths of 110 feet - even in chilly Alaskan waters. OtterBox 3500 Water Tight Box includes a coin slot vacuum release for airtight protection, and high quality rope lanyard. Protect your valuables in these Otter Box Waterproof and Crushproof Cases. Because of its compact size, Otter Box 3500 Dry Box fits in your backpack. Take your Otter Box camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, kayaking, boating, canoeing, skiing, or on vacation. Otter Boxes are ideal for protecting any valuable. Otter Box Water Tight Boxes keep equipment safe, no matter how harsh the conditions.

Any portion of the OtterBox that is clear will not come with foam, as this would no longer make the box see-through. For example, if the Otter Box has a yellow bottom and a clear top, there will be foam lining the bottom of the box, but there will be no foam in the lid. If the Otter Box is "All Clear", this box will come with no foam anywhere. Each OtterBox Watertight Case comes with OtterBox Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.

Specifications for Otterbox 3500 Dry Boxes:


Dimensions: image

Internal: image inches: L 7.884- W 3.973 - D 3.644
External: image inches: L 8.813 - W 5.175 - D 4.179

Features of Otter Box Waterproof Cases Series 3500:

  • Waterproof - Crushproof - Airtight
  • Watertight to depths well beyond 100 feet
  • Floats and stays watertight in water
  • Closed cell neoprene o-ring to keep water out
  • Made of Fiber-glass Reinforced ABS (virtually indestructible)
  • Coin slot vacuum release
  • High Quality Rope Lanyard
  • Locking Feature for Absolute Security
  • Compact size
  • Unconditional Lifetime Warranty
OtterBox 3500-01: 3500 Watertight Box, Clear 3500 01
OtterBox 3500-20: 3500 Watertight Box, Black 3500 20

Package Contents:

  • OtterBox Dry Box - OtterBox 3500

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