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Pelican Case 1170NF with no Foam and Lid - Black
$45.89 $60.72 Save 24%
Color: Black
Interior: No Foam
Code: PE-DX-1170case-1170-001-110
MPN: 1170-001-110
UPC: 019428094294
Pelican 1170NF Watertight Case w/Lid and No Foam, Orange 1170-001-150
$45.89 $60.72 Save 24%
Color: Orange
Interior: No Foam
Code: PE-DX-1170case-1170-001-150
MPN: 1170-001-150
UPC: 019428094317
Pelican 1170NF Watertight Case w/Lid and No Foam, Yellow 1170-001-240
$45.89 $60.72 Save 24%
Color: Yellow
Interior: No Foam
Code: PE-DX-1170case-1170-001-240
MPN: 1170-001-240
UPC: 019428094348
Pelican 1170NF Watertight Case w/Lid and No Foam, Desert Tan 1170-001-190
$45.89 $60.72 Save 24%
Color: Desert Tan
Interior: No Foam
Code: PE-DX-1170case-1170-001-190
MPN: 1170-001-190
UPC: 019428094331
Pelican 1170NF Watertight Case w/Lid and No Foam, Silver 1170-001-180
$45.89 $60.72 Save 24%
Color: Silver
Interior: No Foam
Code: PE-DX-1170case-1170-001-180
MPN: 1170-001-180
UPC: 019428094324
Pelican 1170NF Watertight Case w/Lid and No Foam, OD Green 1170-001-130
$45.89 $60.72 Save 24%
Color: OD Green
Interior: No Foam
Code: PE-DX-1170case-1170-001-130
MPN: 1170-001-130
Pelican 1170 Watertight Case w/Lid and Foam, Desert Tan 1170-000-190
$48.99 $66.90 Save 27%
Color: Desert Tan
Interior: Foam
Code: PE-DX-1170case-1170-000-190
MPN: 1170-000-190
UPC: 019428094270
Pelican Case 1170 with Foam and Lid - Black
$48.99 $66.90 Save 27%
Color: Black
Interior: Foam
Code: PE-DX-1170case-1170-000-110
MPN: 1170-000-110
UPC: 019428093204
Pelican 1170 Watertight Case w/Lid and Foam, OD Green 1170-000-130
$48.99 $66.90 Save 27%
Color: OD Green
Interior: Foam
Code: PE-DX-1170case-1170-000-130
MPN: 1170-000-130
UPC: 019428094249
Pelican 1170 Watertight Case w/Lid and Foam, Orange 1170-000-150
$48.99 $66.90 Save 27%
Color: Orange
Interior: Foam
Code: PE-DX-1170case-1170-000-150
MPN: 1170-000-150
UPC: 019428094256
Pelican 1170 Watertight Case w/Lid and Foam, Silver 1170-000-180
$48.99 $66.90 Save 27%
Color: Silver
Interior: Foam
Code: PE-DX-1170case-1170-000-180
MPN: 1170-000-180
UPC: 019428094263
Pelican 1170 Watertight Case w/Lid and Foam, Yellow 1170-000-240
$48.99 $66.90 Save 27%
Color: Yellow
Interior: Foam
Code: PE-DX-1170case-1170-000-240
MPN: 1170-000-240
UPC: 019428094287

Pelican 1170 Watertight Case Product Info

The Pelican 1170 Watertight Case is a handheld electronics protection solution that is watertight, crushproof and dustproof. This Pelican case opens easy with its double throw latches and has an automatic pressure equalization valve.With this case's stainless steel hardware construction it can withstand any kind of tough and versatile mass transit.

Replacement O-rings 1173-321-000 and 3 piece replacement foam 1170-400-000 are also available for the Pelican 1170 Case.

Specifications for Pelican 1170 Water Tight Case

Exterior Dimensions (L x W x D): 11.64" x 8.34" x 3.78" (29.6 x 21.2 x 9.6 cm)
Interior Dimensions (L x W x D): 10.54" x 6.04" x 3.16" (26.8 x 15.3 x 8 cm)
Lid Depth: 1.08" (2.7 cm)
Bottom Depth: 2.08" (5.3 cm)
Total Depth: 3.16" (8 cm)
Weight with foam: 2.10 lbs. (0.95 kg)
Weight without foam: 1.96 lbs. (0.89 kg)
Buoyancy Max.: 7.25 lbs. (3.29 kg)
Range Temperature: -40 / 210° F (-40 / 99° C)

Features of Pelican 1170 Case

  • The hand-held electronics protection solution
  • Watertight, crushproof, and dust proof
  • Easy open Double Throw latches
  • Open cell core with solid wall design - strong, light weight
  • O-ring seal
  • Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Pick n Pluck with convoluted lid foam
  • Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence

Package Content

  • Pelican 1170 Watertight Case

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Pelican 1170 Watertight Case Comments

Customer Reviews
Helpful Positive Review 1170 box by Legacy Reviewer, June 7, 2013
Very nice great product ordered there long case for my 338 lapua and 308 great cases Pros: Great overall box foam is heavy very nice overall just ordered 3 more Cons: None
1/1 found this helpful
Most Recent Review Pelican 1170 by jjclemons, February 24, 2015
I bought this product based on the experience that I have had with Pelican's gear through the military. We are hard on our gear, and the Pelican boxes have never let us down;nothing has ever gotten wet or damaged when stored in Pelican cases. This 11...
Most Recent Review Pelican 1170 gun case by Randy, September 8, 2014
This is a very nice gun case. I've had problems with rust so it was important for me to get a waterproof gun case. It's large enough to fit my pistol plus my 3 mags which it does with ease. This is a very nice gun case which serves all my needs
Most Recent Review Tan Pelican 1170 by Legacy Reviewer, August 5, 2012
The case is a convenient size to be used as a pistol case or for other smaller valuables. The latches engage solidly and as always, there is the o-ring that keeps these cares watertight. I own a couple of these 1170 cases. In all, I own about 12 ...
Most Recent Review Best Hard Cases by Legacy Reviewer, December 26, 2010
Pelican makes the best hard cases for the money. lockable, watertight, nigh indestructible, what more could you want/need? Pros: durable, lockable, good warranty Cons: not much
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