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We offer a wide selection of Pelican Flashlights. As one of the best brands, Pelican has taken their extensive experience in developing ultra durable and reliable waterproof cases and applied it to professional lighting tools. As Pelican Cases are designed to withstand underwater submersion, they developed the super tough Pelican Waterproof Flashlights, which are not only bright and energy-efficient, but also capable of withstanding a lot of punishment. But Pelican Lights are about more than just waterproofing. These fantastic flashlights are perfect for hunters, rescue workers, pilots, soldiers and for casual use around the house, so whatever purpose you have in mind for a light, a Pelican Flashlight will fit the bill.

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Regardless of your needs, Pelican Flashlights will provide an optimal solution. From NVG compatible and IR flashlights to heavy duty Xenon and LED submersible work lights, every light by Pelican features the unbeatable toughness that has come to be associated with this awesome brand over the years. All are guaranteed for life and built tough for extreme conditions. Some flashlight developers believe that designing a light that is safe to use in volatile situations is a bonus feature. Not Pelican. They design all of their flashlights to keep you safe and give you plenty of light to see. These are standards for Pelican Flashlights, which is why they are the most safety approved flashlights on the market.

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