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Unfortunately Pentax ZX-5N Camera is no longer carried by OpticsPlanet. You can also explore other items in the Film Cameras category yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you!

Pentax ZX-5N film SLR Cameras are no longer available. Please see our huge selection of Pentax film cameras here. Brand name film 35mm cameras can be found here

Pentax ZX-5N Camera Product Info

When you've got something good, strive to make it better. That's what PENTAXdid when they created the ZX-5N with all the popular features of the awardwinning ZX-5 camera and then some. In addition to the sophisticated featuressuch as 6-segment/center-weighted/spot metering and TTL phase-matching autofocussystem incorporated into the ZX-5, PENTAX added an electronic preview feature,exposure memory lock and auto bracketing (up to +/- 1 EV) to update this classicbeauty.

The Features

  • With a single shutter release, the simple-to-use auto bracketing automatically takes three different exposures (in the order of normal, under- and over-exposure) of the same subject in 1EV or 1/2 EV steps -- even in flash photography.
  • Push the preview button and this useful feature lets you pinpoint the exact in-focus area (depth-of-field) of your image in relation to the selected aperture. Thanks to Pentax's original electronic control mechanism, you can preview the image in any exposure mode.
  • Packaged in a lightweight silver and black body, this ultra-compact 35mm AF-SLR is a true beauty.
  • Speedy and accurate setting of the metering mode and shutter speed (from 1/2000 to 30 seconds) is accomplished with two easy to use control dials on the camera's top panel.
  • A single turn of the metering mode switch allows you to select from among the three metering mode options. Choose from six-segment, center weighted, or spot metering for full control over all different types of lighting conditions.
  • Multi-data viewfinder and an easy-to-read LCD panel complement the dial control system by providing the most vital operational data.
  • The ZX-5N's multi-mode auto exposure system, coupled with its flexible metering system, lets you explore every creative possibility and produce desired visual effects.
  • Set your own pace with three drive modes, including single-frame advance, consecutive-frame advance at 2 frames per second, and a self-timer with a 12-second delay.
  • Using a simple dial control, you can quickly shift exposure across a range of +/- 3EV in 1/2EV steps. The compensation value is indicated in the viewfinder's bar-graph indicator.
  • With a simple push of the memory lock button, the exposure value is memorized for 10 seconds, allowing you to recompose the image without changing the exposure on your subject.
  • The film's ISO speed can easily be set manually within a range of ISO 6-6400, enabling you to adjust the exposure on your entire roll of film or allowing you to use a non-DX coded film for special purposes.
  • The ZX-5N's reliable TTL phase-matching autofocus system assures high-speed, high-precision focusing on your subject -- even under extremely poor lighting conditions. It even offers you a choice of two AF frame patterns (3-point AF or Spot AF) to meet individual preferences.
  • For a breathtaking landscape or a striking scene, you can instantly switch to panorama mode for any frame within the roll of film with a simple twist of the panorama lever on the camera's back.
  • The ZX-5N is truly compatible; the Pentax FA-, F- and A-series lenses are ideal partners for the ZX-5N as well as the AF500FTZ, AF330FTZ and AF140C dedicated flash units.

Please note KB86780 ZX-5N Date with 28-90mm Zoom Kit (Batteries, Case) is shown on the picture above.


Type: TTL autofocus, auto-exposure multi-mode 35mm SLR with built-in retractable TTL Auto Flash (Smart Flash).
Film: 35mm perforated cartridge film.
Image Size: 24mm x 36mm (normal frame). Approx. 13mm x 36mm (panorama frame).
Lens Mount: Pentax KAF2 bayonet mount compatible with KAF, KA and K mounts.
Usable Lenses: Pentax KAF2-, KAF-, KA- and K-mount lenses.
Power Zoom System: With Pentax FA power zoom lenses:
Type: Motor-driven zoom with motor built-in lens.
Zooming: 3 speeds, adjustable using zoom ring.
Mode: (1) Power Zoom; (2) Manual Zoom. Auto lens retraction with main switch at "OFF" position.
Focusing System:
Type: TTL phase-matching autofocus system.
AF frame: Selectable using AF mode lever. (1) 3-Point AF; (2) Spot AF.
Usable illumination range: EV-1 ~ EV18 (at ISO 100/m with 50mm f/1.4 lens).
Mode: (1) AF (focus lock and predictive AF available); (2) Manual.
Exposure Control:
Metering system: TTL open-aperture 6-segment metering by SPD cell (coupled with lens and AF information).
Metering mode: Selectable using metering mode dial. (1) 6-segment multi-pattern metering; (2) Center-Weighted Metering; (3) Spot Metering.
Metering range: EV0 ~ EV21 (at ISO 100/m with 50mm f/1.4 lens).
Exposure mode: (1) Programmed AE; (2) Aperture-Priority AE; (3) Shutter-Priority AE; (4) Metered Manual; (5) Bulb. TTL Programmed Auto Flash available. Automatic exposure compensation in auto-exposure mode with multi-pattern metering.
Automatic bracketing: 3 frames in 1EV or 1/2EV steps. Exposure compensation °3EV (1/2EV steps).
Type: Electronically controlled vertical-run focal-plane shutter.
Speed: (1) Auto: 1/2000 ~ 30 sec. (stepless); (2) Manual: 1/2000 ~ 2 sec. and bulb; (3) Flash sync: 1/100 ~ 30 sec. and bulb.
Shutter lock: Main switch at "OFF" position.
Diaphragm Control: Aperture-coupled mechanism (with Pentax FA, F and A lenses).
Type: Fixed pentaprism type.
Focusing screen: Natural-Bright-Matte focusing screen.
Field of view: 92% vertically/horizontally.
Magnification: 0.8X (with 50mm f/1.4 lens at infinity).
Diopter: -2.5 ~ +1.5 (adjustable).
Eye-point: high eye-point design.
Panorama frame: mechanical black-out type.
Preview: electronic type. Possible in all exposure modes using preview button.
Viewfinder LCD Indication: With automatic brightness level adjustment:
  1) In-focus;
  2) Smart Flash status (flash-use indication, recharge completion and non-applicable lens warning);
  3) External flash status;
  4) Shutter speed, aperture, exposure compensation, and out-of-exposure coupling range warning;
  5) Exposure compensation factor;
  6) Bar-graph;
  7) Over- and underexposure indication in Metered Manual;
  8) Memory lock;
  9) Automatic bracketing.
LCD Panel Indication: 1) Film loading, film advance/rewind, loading error, rewind completion;
  2) Exposure frame number;
  3) Programmed AE, Aperture-Priority AE, Shutter-Priority AE, and Metered Manual;
  4) Manual-set ISO film speed;
  5) Audible PCV signals;
  6) Flash use recommendation and recharge completion/incompletion;
  7) Red-eye reduction flash;
  8) Non-applicable lens warning;
  9) Battery exhaustion warning;
  10) Automatic flash function.
Film Handling:
Loading: Quick auto loading (automatic film advance to first frame).
Advance/rewind: Automatic (mid-roll rewind possible).
Advance mode: (1) Single; (2) Consecutive (approx. 2 frames/sec.).
ISO Film Speed Setting: (1) Automatic with DX-coded film (ISO25 ~ 5000). (2) Manual (ISO6 ~ 6400).
Built-In Smart Flash:
Type: Series-control retractable TTL auto flash.
Guide number: 11 (ISO 100/m).
Angle-of-view coverage: 28mm wide-angle lens.
Daylight sync/slow-shutter sync: Discharge level auto-matically adjusted.
Flash Synchronization: With built-in Smart Flash and via hot shoe.
Sync speed: 1/100 sec. automatically set with Smart Flash and/or Pentax dedicated flash unit at recharge completion.
Self-Timer: Electronically controlled type with 12-second delay (Mid-operation cancellation possible).
Drive Mode Dial: (1) Single advance; (2) Consecutive advance; (3) Self-timer; (4) Automatic bracketing 1/2EV; (5) Automatic bracketing 1EV.
Data Imprinting: Available using the optional Pentax Data Back FG.
Power Source: Two 3V lithium batteries (CR2 type).
Dimensions: 135.0 (W) x 90.0 (H) x 61.5 (D) mm (5.3" x 3.5" x 2.4").
Weight: 410g (14.5 oz.) without batteries.

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