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Persol PO3007V Eyeglass Frames 95-4819 - Black
$152.99 $250.00 Save 39%
Frame Color: Black
Lens Diameter: 48 mm
Code: 4P-EG-PO3007V-95-4819
MPN: PO3007V-95-48
UPC: 713132362730
Persol PO3007V Eyeglass Frames 24-5019 - Havana
$152.99 $250.00 Save 39%
Lens Diameter: 50 mm
Frame Color: Havana
Code: 4P-EG-PO3007V-24-5019
MPN: PO3007V-24-50
UPC: 713132362747
Persol PO3007V Eyeglass Frames 95-5019 - Black
$152.99 $250.00 Save 39%
Frame Color: Black
Lens Diameter: 50 mm
Code: 4P-EG-PO3007V-95-5019
MPN: PO3007V-95-50
UPC: 713132362723
Persol PO3007V Eyeglass Frames 24-4819 - Havana Frame
$152.99 $250.00 Save 39%
Lens Diameter: 48 mm
Frame Color: Havana
Code: 4P-EG-PO3007V-24-4819
MPN: PO3007V-24-48
UPC: 713132362754

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Persol PO3007V Eyeglass Frames Product Info

Designed to keep your eyes satisfied and strong each day, the Persol PO3007V Eyeglass Frames is the most suitable way for you to be trendy and keep your eyes comfortable. Produced by using extremely tough materials, this pair of Eyeglass Frames through the industry experts at Persol is absolutely certain to be a long lasting and reliable solution for your sight. At OpticsPlanet, we are here to help you in discovering the perfect pair of Eyeglass Frames for all of your needs, and the Persol PO3007V Eyeglass Frames is amongst the countless products which we're happy to offer our clientele. The best pair of eye glasses will certainly surpass just about any social setting, and the Persol PO3007V Eyeglass Frames is the supreme way to acquire this power. For an incredible method to be certain that you have got an astonishing looking pair of spectacles that will fit into virtually every function, choose the Persol PO3007V Eyeglass Frames.

Specifications for Persol PO3007V Eye Glasses Frames:

Available Frame Colors: Black, Striped Blue, or Havana
Eyeglass Frames Lens Diameter: 48 mm / 50 mm
Distance Between Lenses: 19 mm

Package Contents:

  • Persol Eyeglass Frames PO3007V
    • Eyeglass Hard case
    • Cleaning cloth with Persol logo

Persol PO3007V Eyeglass Frames Unorderable Models

Persol PO3007V Eyeglass Frames 943-4819 - Striped Blue , MPN: PO3007V-943-48, UPC: 713132362815, Code: 4P-EG-PO3007V-943-4819
Persol PO3007V Eyeglass Frames 943-5019 - Striped Blue , MPN: PO3007V-943-50, UPC: 713132362808, Code: 4P-EG-PO3007V-943-5019
Persol PO3007V Eyeglass Frames 974-4819 - Brown Striped Green Frame, Demo Lens Lenses, MPN: PO3007V-974-48, UPC: 713132582213, Code: 4P-EG-PO3007V-974-4819
Persol PO3007V Eyeglass Frames 974-5019 - Brown Striped Green Frame, Demo Lens Lenses, MPN: PO3007V-974-50, UPC: 713132582206, Code: 4P-EG-PO3007V-974-5019
Persol PO3007V Eyeglass Frames 975-4819 - Brown Striped Red Frame, MPN: PO3007V-975-48, UPC: 713132582237, Code: 4P-EG-PO3007V-975-4819
Persol PO3007V Eyeglass Frames 973-5019 - Spotted Brown Frame, Demo Lens Lenses, MPN: PO3007V-973-50, UPC: 713132582183, Code: 4P-EG-PO3007V-973-5019
Persol PO3007V Eyeglass Frames 973-4819 - Spotted Brown Frame, Demo Lens Lenses, MPN: PO3007V-973-48, UPC: 713132582190, Code: 4P-EG-PO3007V-973-4819
Persol PO3007V Eyeglass Frames 975-5019 - Brown Striped Red Frame, MPN: PO3007V-975-50, UPC: 713132582220, Code: 4P-EG-PO3007V-975-5019

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