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Persol progressive glasses give you the flexibility of bifocals while retaining the simplicity and cool factor of single vision lenses. Anyone can see when you're wearing bifocal glasses; there's a clear distinction between one lens and the other, allowing others to easily determine the breadth of your vision problems. Not so with progressive lens glasses. These lenses present the next advance in bifocal lens technology, merging the single vision lens with the trusty bifocal. Instead of requiring two separate lenses for reading and distance viewing, these prescription glasses combine the two into one lens, eliminating the tell-tale "bifocal line" that will give you away every time. These Persol prescription glasses adhere to all of Persol's high standards when it comes to high quality optics. Persol eyeglass frames feature the "telatura" process for greater bridge comfort and Meflecto technology to mold frames to your specific skull structure. Progressive lenses by Persol can be outfitted into most standard Persol glasses, allowing you to wear sleek designs while retaining all levels of vision--without anyone suspecting you of wearing Persol bifocals. Stay young, stay cool, and keep your short-range vision while wearing Persol progressive lens glasses.

Persol Progressive Eyeglasses

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