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Persol progressive sunglasses can make reading on a sunny day in the park a breeze without requiring you to swap out your glasses. It can be tough wearing prescription glasses; on sunny days, you'll do a lot of squinting and wishing you had a big enough pair of sunglasses to fit over your Persol glasses frames. But large, over-eye frames are unwieldy and not very good looking, so what are you to do? Prescription sunglasses by Persol are the way to go; not only do they correct your vision, they're also guaranteed to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. And when you get Persol sunglasses with progressive lenses, you get the best in Persol corrective technology. Progressive sunglasses work similar to bifocals, in that they give the wearer two distinct lenses to use, one for close-range reading and the other for all-purpose vision. The cool thing about Persol sunglasses with progressive lenses is that they eliminate the tell-tale bifocal line that can be an annoyance to you and a dead giveaway to others. With these Persol sunglasses, you'll never have to worry about reading outdoors or driving into the rising sun, and the Persol progressive lenses completely mask the fact that you need reading glasses. Progressive sunglasses by Persol block out the sun while keeping you cool with the most stylish frames and the most comfortable construction.

Persol Progressive Sunglasses

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