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So you do not want to carry around more than one pair of glasses for day time and early evening , for indoors and outdoors in the sun, for driving and riding your motorcycle. When more light is encountered, your want your sunglasses become darker, and when less light is shined, you want your sunglass lens tint to become lighter in color. Photochromic light adjusting sunglasses are the answer! Whatever your activity is, be it driving, motorcycling, walking, running, or shooting, we have brand name designer prescription and non-prescription light adjusting photochromic sun glasses for you!

More about Photochromic Sunglasses is committed to deliver the latest and greatest in the optical technologies, and our modern Photochromic Ray Ban, Body Specs, Serengeti, and Wiley X with Light Adjusting Lenses are a great example of a remarkably smart technology that enables you to see clearly and more comfortably in virtually any light condition. Photochromic sunglasses that change color or tint depending on the amount of light is not really new. The latest Photochromic eyewear features include advanced variable-tint technology that allows rapid darkening when you go outside (and rapid return to clear when you go in), 100% UV protection, and even polarization. We at Optics Planet now offer the best brand name light adjusting sunglasses that come in regular, lightweight plastic materials as well as in high-index plastic and polycarbonate. The photochromic molecules can be encapsulated inside of the lens or as a front-surface coating that changes color (to gray or brown) when exposed to ultraviolet light. The changeable photochromic coating means that the sunglasses lens color darkens evenly regardless of lens prescription or thickness.

Photochromic lenses are available in all prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses styles we carry!

True Photochromic sunglasses lenses have millions of molecules of substances such as silver chloride or silver halide embedded in them. The molecules are transparent to visible light in the absence of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which is normal for artificial lighting. But when photochromic lenses are exposed to ultraviolet rays, as in direct sun light, the molecules undergo a chemical process that causes the molecules to change their shape. The new structure of the new molecules absorbs portions of the visible light, causing the photo chromic  lenses to darken. The number of molecules that change shape varies with the intensity of the UV rays.

Wiley X LA (Light Adjusting) lenses / have been developed by Wiley X and now offered by On overcast days or at night the lenses adjust to clear for perfect optical clarity. Luminous transmittance of Wiley X SG-1 goggles with Light Adjusting lenses in the faded state 91.2% (almost clear) and luminous transmittance in the darkened state 33.2% (almost as dark as Wiley X Smoke Green Lenses). Now you don't have to stop to interchange lenses. Please note that Wiley x Light adjusting lenses are not polarized. This new technology is also produced using shatterproof polycarbonate. This is much safer than the old photochromic lens technology that use glass or CR39, as it can shatter if struck by a rock while riding. Wiley X also incorporates the new Emerald 4 Anti-reflective coating to eliminate back-lit glare from the sun truly giving the wearer the most functional motorcycle riding lens available. Developed by Wiley X for the Wiley X G-Line sunglasses, this new shooting lens technology adjusts the light transmission levels of each tint, according to the amount of sun exposure. This maximizes target definition based on light condition, providing perfect optical clarity and enhanced performance at any time of day. Now Authentic TRANSITIONS® lenses are available as prescription glasses / goggles

Serengeti Polarmax Sunglasses - the first-ever polycarbonate, photochromic, polarized sunglass lenses. People said that it could not be done. A lightweight alternative to glass that doesn't sacrifice our premium lens technology. Meet Serengeti Polar Max from - a patented polycarbonate lens with photochromic properties from Serengeti Sunglasses, superior polarization and premium anti-glare coatings. Available in PolarMax Drivers® and PolarMax CPG™ (cool photo gray) lens color.  The lighter alternative from Serengeti. Available in Serengeti Polarmax Drivers and Serengeti Polarmax CPG (cool photo gray) lens colors. Only from Serengeti Eyewear. Polycarbonate lens material from Serengeti as well as from Wiley X is virtually shatterproof, ultra lightweight and 20 times more impact resistant than glass.  Polarizing film eliminates glare and reduces eye fatigue by organizing how light comes through the Serengeti lens.  Serengeti Photochromic lenses automatically darken and lighten for superior definition and needed contrast. This time, Serengeti is introducing the first-ever polycarbonate, photochromic, polarized sunglass lens in a new lightweight line called PolarMax. The PolarMax lens features polarized properties with a patented photochromic technology which is literally injected or encapsulated into the lens to prevent the technology from ever scratching off which causes distortion when looking through the lens. The photochromic technology is a patented Serengeti process that activates the lens to constantly adjust to varying light conditions, seeking optimum light transmission. The combination of the exceptional Serengeti sunglass frame and lens materials offers a lightweight sunglass alternative to the traditional glass. Plus, Serengeti PolarMax sunglasses offers equivalent light transmission to that of Serengeti glass-polarized lens at 10-19% light transmission.

For your convenience, we provide you with the table with the light transmission numbers for LA lenses.  Luminous transmittance (Light transmission) is the percentage of external light that passes through the sunglass lens measured against 100% external light source.

Serengeti Sunglasses Photochromic Lens light transmission:

  • Serengeti Drivers: Lightened state 24% transmission / Darkened state 9% transmission
  • Serengeti Drivers Gradient: Lightened state 24% transmission / Darkened state 9% transmission
  • Serengeti Drivers Polarized: Lightened state 18% transmission / Darkened state 10% transmission
  • Serengeti 555nm: Lightened state 15% transmission / Darkened state 9% transmission
  • Serengeti 555nm Polarized: Lightened state 15% transmission / Darkened state 9% transmission
  • Serengeti Sedona: Lightened state 24% transmission / Darkened state 9% transmission

Wiley-X Light Adjusting (LA) Lens light transmission:

  • Light Adjusting: Lightened state 91.2% transmission / Darkened state 33.2% transmission