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Polaroid Suncovers are a custom family of eyewear made for those who wear glasses and need good sun protection. This line of fits-over-Rx sunglasses gives you 100% protection against UV rays, and provides polarized lenses that eliminate blinding glare for better clarity of vision. Polaroid Sun Covers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, letting them fit over most styles of prescription eyewear. Polaroid Suncover Sunglasses will actually enhance your vision while in the sun, by providding greater visual definition via enhanced contrasts. The premium polarized lenses on these Polaroid Sunglasses provide 100% UV400 protection, blocking out all UVA, UVB and UVC rays.

With their polarized lenses, Polaroid Suncovers provide the vertical light is useful to the human eye and helps us see, while blocking out the horizontal light that simply creates glare. Because the vertically-aligned polarizing layer inside every Polaroid lens does not allow horizontal light to pass through, Polaroid Sun Cover over-the-glasses Sunglasses make great driving sunglasses for those who use eyeglasses. With their unsurpassable anti-glare properties, you can wear this Polaroid Eyewear all day every day and enjoy whatever you're doing in safety and comfort. Polaroid Suncovers Sunglasses are also designed to reduce eyestrain and fatigue, with a new lens technology that gives clearer, truer vision with no shape-shifting side-effects. This leads to less eye fatigue, less headaches and perfect visual clarity. This special technique creates lenses which are optically perfect, allowing the eye and the wearer to relax while wearing Polaroid Suncover Sunglasses.

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