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Decatur Radar Guns are focused on aiding police officers in speed limit enforcement. Because of their focus on law enforcement, Decatur Handheld Radar is consistently accurate enough to hold up to courtroom scrutiny, and they're durable enough to give cops years of top level performance. Decatur has been in the business of designing and manufacturing police radar for over 50 years, as they were the first company to produce radar specifically for law enforcement, and they've taken their vast experience and applied it to providing the best tools for traffic enforcement. Now you can take this great quality and apply it to the traffic in your neighborhood by setting up a Decatur Radar Sign. Decatur has maintained their position as a top law enforcement speed detection device provider by constantly innovating and accepting no less than the highest level of performance from all of their products.

More about Decatur Radar Guns

Decatur Electronics started out as Muniquip, with founder Bryce K. Brown working both as a University Educator and entrepreneur. After his business making speed timers and radar guns grew, Mr. Brown dedicated himself full time to Muniquip, which he renamed Decatur, for the town that he taught in for 33 years. Decatur Radar Technology has evolved over the years to incorporate numerous advancements, including the first directional radar, which became extremely popular for law enforcement professionals. Ease of use and incredible accuracy have become hallmarks of Decatur Radar, and they're more popular than ever today!