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Polo bifocal glasses allow you to retain your up-close vision without sacrificing any of the genteel style you've managed to cultivate over the last few years. Polo Ralph Lauren is all about providing clothes and accessories for the discerning gentleman, and Polo prescription glasses look the part. Whether you're looking for round spectacles, modern square glasses, or vintage horn-rimmed glasses, there's a pair of Polo eyeglass frames to fit your needs. And where there's a glasses frame to fit your style, there's a bifocal lens to fit your vision needs. Polo bifocal eyeglasses are perfect for members of high society who need reading glasses but refuse to carry around two pairs of glasses at all times. A traditional lens encased in an elegant, modern frame of your choosing, bifocal glasses by Polo can keep you reading and writing like a young person while retaining the air of distinction you've earned as a habitual wearer of Polo Ralph Lauren products.

Polo Bifocal Eyeglasses

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