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Polo single vision sunglasses are the most basic type of prescription lens sunglasses. Users who don't need reading glasses also don't need a pair of sunglasses that correct close-range reading problems. Most people who wear prescription sunglasses are either nearsighted or farsighted, and their prescription is designed to improve vision at either distance. Sunglasses with single vision lenses follow those same principles to create a quality pair of prescription eyeglasses with an extra layer of polarization for UV protection and glare reduction. Polo Ralph Lauren is known for their dedication to the high class lifestyle, and that commitment shines through with their many variations of Polo sunglasses with single vision lenses. Polo sunglasses come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and tints, some of them subtle, others meant to make a statement. Browse our selection below to find the pair of Polo prescription sunglasses that will match your lifestyle, and remember that almost every order over $49 qualifies for free shipping from UPS. Purchase a pair of single vision sunglasses by Polo to brave the sunshine without clip-ons!

Polo Prescription Sunglasses w/Single Vision Lenses

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