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Polo progressive lens eyeglasses utilize relatively new technology to create stylish, effective glasses that can help you read the book in your lap just as well as the sign down the highway. Progressive glasses combine the best aspects of both single vision glasses and bifocals, creating a comprehensive vision solution that looks sharp and works well. Like bifocals, Polo progressive glasses feature two distinct lenses, one for detailed close vision and the other for all-purpose vision, but, like Polo single vision glasses, there's no dividing line between the lenses, giving the impression of a single, cohesive lens. No longer will your bifocals give you away as someone whose eyes are deteriorating; now you're just another wearer of prescription glasses. And with Polo glasses frames, you can be a stylish wearer of prescription glasses. Polo Ralph Lauren has designed their frames with the elegant lifestyle in mind, so you'll find glasses frames for every persuasion, from sleek modern designs to classic looks that will never go out of style. For the seeing power for Polo bifocal glasses combined with the good looks of Polo single vision glasses, put on a pair of progressive lens glasses by Polo!

Polo Progressive Eyeglasses

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