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Polo progressive lens sunglasses apply modern technology to the tried and true standard of bifocal glasses, allowing you to read the book in your lap without the stigma of the "bifocal line". Progressive sunglasses strike a balance between bifocal sunglasses and single vision lens sunglasses, allowing the wearer to read close-up text with the bottom lens and see normally with the top lens while removing the dividing line that tells the world you're a bifocal wearer. Polo progressive sunglasses apply ultraviolet protection to these innovative progressive lenses, allowing you to see at any distance in virtually any environment, even under a bright sun. Polo sunglasses come in a variety of shapes and styles and include different types of polarization, useful if you want to reduce glare or increase the visibility of certain colors and objects. If you buy with Polo Ralph Lauren, you know you're getting a product that combines sensible construction with fashionable design that would be at home on any yacht or in any country club, and you get the same style assurances with progressive sunglasses by Polo.

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