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PortaBrace PB-2600IC Superlite Watertight Hard Case with Soft Internal Case and Divider Kit 14x11x6 int. (Blue) Product Info

PortaBrace PB-2600IC Superlite Watertight Hard Case with Soft Interior Case (Blue) lets you shed the weight of the Hard Case after shipping and work out of the soft case. PortaBrace Safeguard Field Production Vault Hard Cases (models ending in "IC") have a removable soft interior case and divider kit inside the hard case. Inside the Porta Brace soft case is the divider kit and an assortment of pouches and pillows, adding a high degree of protection in a compact, well organized manner, saving you shipping costs over the life of the case. PortaBrace Vault Cases are watertight, have a pressure relief valve, easy to operate latches, and a comfortable hand grip. Porta Brace Hard Cases are constructed with a high-performance hard-resin material reinforced at the corners and including a TSA lock. PortaBrace Vault Hard Cases are ideal for video, audio, and photographic equipment transportation and protection.

The PortaBrace Waterproof Hard Case with Interior Case (Blue) is compatible with the following equipment:

Canon, Sony, Panasonic and more - click for full list.
  • Canon GL-1
  • Canon GL-2
  • Canon XH-A1
  • Canon XH-G1
  • Canon XM-1
  • Canon XM-2
  • JVC DV300
  • Panasonic AG-DVC30
  • Panasonic AG-DVC80
  • Panasonic AG-DVC80H
  • Panasonic AG-DVX100
  • Panasonic AG-DVX100A
  • Panasonic AG-DVX100B
  • Panasonic AG-DVX100P
  • Panasonic AG-DVX102B
  • Panasonic AG-DVX202
  • Panasonic AG-HMC150
  • Panasonic AG-HMC40
  • Panasonic AG-HPX170
  • Panasonic AG-HPX171
  • Panasonic AG-HVX200
  • Panasonic AG-HVX200A
  • Sony DCR-VX1000
  • Sony DCR-VX2000
  • Sony DCR-VX2100
  • Sony DSR-PD150
  • Sony DSR-PD170
  • Sony HDR-FX1
  • Sony HDR-FX7
  • Sony HVR-AX2000
  • Sony HVR-V1U
  • Sony HVR-Z1U
  • Sony HVR-Z5U
  • Sony HVR-Z7U
  • Sony HXR-NX5U
  • Sony LMD-1014
  • Sony LMD-9050
  • Sony NEX-VG10
  • Sony PMW-EX1
  • Sony PMW-EX1R

PortaBrace builds watertight camera cases, protective hard cases, flexible carrying bags and backpacks, and other tough, durable gear to protect your delicate electronics and video equipment. Porta-Brace began making the original field production cases in 1972, at the inception of field video recording. The now legendary Porta Brace field video production case is still made with Vermont Maple hardwood handles, genuine suede straps, durable leather handles and rugged blue Cordura fabrics. All require skill, strength, and patience to craft by hand into the form-fitting, performance-enhancing video cases sought-after by field and location production professionals worldwide. Launched by the spirit of innovation and experimentation, this legacy of leadership still fuels the PortaBrace design and production teams today. Every Portabrace case is built by an experienced and dedicated team of craftspeople in Vermont.

Specifications for PortaBrace Waterproof Hard Case with Interior Case (Blue):

Weight: 14.4 lb / 6.53 kg
Length: 14.5" / 36.83cm
Width: 10.75" / 27.31cm
Height: 6" / 15.24cm
Length: 21.25" / 53.98cm
Width 16.5" / 41.91cm
Height: 8.5" / 21.59cm

Features of PortaBrace 2600IC Waterproof Hard Case with Interior Case:

  • Double-hinged locking system for increased safety and security
  • Nest Plush Pillow Protection System
  • Pressure relief valve for unmatched water tightness
  • Removable Soft Carrying Case
  • Unbreakable resin body-construction

Package Contents:

  • PortaBrace PB-2600IC Watertight Hard Case with Divider Kit and Soft Interior Case - Blue

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PortaBrace PB-2600IC Superlite Watertight Hard Case with Soft Internal Case and Divider Kit 14x11x6 int. (Blue) Comments