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Prada PR09PV Eyeglass Frames NAI1O1-5219 - Top Black/Medium Havana Frame, Demo Lens Lenses
$189.99 $315.00 Save 40%
Lens Diameter: 52 mm
Frame Color: Top Black/Medium Havana
Code: 1P-EG-PR09PV-NAI1O1-5219
UPC: 8053672039719
Prada PR09PV Eyeglass Frames PDP1O1-52 - Pink Frame
$189.99 $315.00 Save 40%
Frame Color: Pink
Lens Diameter: 52 mm
Code: 1P-EG-PR09PV-PDP1O1-52
Prada PR09PV Eyeglass Frames 2AU1O1-5219 - Havana Frame
$189.99 $315.00 Save 40%
Lens Diameter: 52 mm
Frame Color: Havana
Code: 1P-EG-PR09PV-2AU1O1-5219
MPN: PR09PV-2AU1O1-52
UPC: 679420548333
Prada PR09PV Eyeglass Frames PDP1O1-54 - Pink Frame
$189.99 $315.00 Save 40%
Frame Color: Pink
Lens Diameter: 54 mm
Code: 1P-EG-PR09PV-PDP1O1-54
Prada PR09PV Eyeglass Frames QE01O1-54 - Grey Frame
$189.99 $315.00 Save 40%
Lens Diameter: 54 mm
Frame Color: Grey
Code: 1P-EG-PR09PV-QE01O1-54
MPN: PR09PV-QE01O1-54
Prada PR09PV Eyeglass Frames QE01O1-52 - Grey Frame
$189.99 $315.00 Save 40%
Lens Diameter: 52 mm
Frame Color: Grey
Code: 1P-EG-PR09PV-QE01O1-52
MPN: PR09PV-QE01O1-52
Prada PR09PV Eyeglass Frames QFL1O1-54 - Havana Frame
Lens Diameter: 54 mm
Frame Color: Havana
Code: 1P-EG-PR09PV-QFL1O1-54

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Prada PR09PV Eyeglass Frames Product Info

The Prada PR09PV Eyeglass Frames has been tailored to help keep you at the peak of fashion whilst remaining relaxed during the day. This pair of Eyeglass Frames from the eyewear experts at Prada, is produced using long lasting and trustworthy resources that will provide you with a long time of reliability and performance. Prada has been producing eyeglass frames for a very long time and the Prada PR09PV Eyeglass Frames is the direct result of their determined initiatives and dedication to providing consumers with the best value for the price. The perfect set of eyeglasses will transcend any social setting, and the Prada PR09PV Eyeglass Frames is the top way to gain this capability. Here at OpticsPlanet, we aim to support you in buying the appropriate pair of Eyeglass Frames for all of your specific needs, and the Prada PR09PV Eyeglass Frames is one of the many products which we're thrilled to provide our customers. For a terrific way for you to always keep your vision satisfied and in good health, pick out the Prada PR09PV Eyeglass Frames.

Prada PR09PV Eyeglass Frames Description:

  • CATEGORY: Optical
  • GENDER: Woman
  • SHAPE: Oval
  • TEMPLE: Plastic
  • BRIDGE DESIGN: Standard
  • BASE: Base 4
  • RX-ABLE:

Package Contents:

  • New Authentic Prada PR09PV
  • Hard case for Prada eyeglasses
  • Cleaning cloth with Prada logo

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Prada PR09PV Eyeglass Frames 1AB1O1-5219 - Black Frame, MPN: PR09PV-1AB1O1-52, UPC: 679420548319, Code: 1P-EG-PR09PV-1AB1O1-5219
Prada PR09PV Eyeglass Frames HA91O1-5219 - Transparent Gray Frame, MPN: PR09PV-HA91O1-52, UPC: 679420548371, Code: 1P-EG-PR09PV-HA91O1-5219
Prada PR09PV Eyeglass Frames CAI1O1-5219 - Pink Frame, MPN: PR09PV-CAI1O1-52, UPC: 679420548357, Code: 1P-EG-PR09PV-CAI1O1-5219
Prada PR09PV Eyeglass Frames LAC1O1-5219 - Transparent Azure Frame, MPN: PR09PV-LAC1O1-52, UPC: 679420548395, Code: 1P-EG-PR09PV-LAC1O1-5219
Prada PR09PV Eyeglass Frames NAI1O1-5419 - Top Black/Medium Havana Frame, Demo Lens Lenses, MPN: PR09PV-NAI1O1-54, UPC: 8053672039702, Code: 1P-EG-PR09PV-NAI1O1-5419
Prada PR09PV Eyeglass Frames 1AB1O1-5419 - Black Frame, MPN: PR09PV-1AB1O1-54, UPC: 679420548302, Code: 1P-EG-PR09PV-1AB1O1-5419
Prada PR09PV Eyeglass Frames HA91O1-5419 - Transparent Gray Frame, MPN: PR09PV-HA91O1-54, UPC: 679420548364, Code: 1P-EG-PR09PV-HA91O1-5419
Prada PR09PV Eyeglass Frames OAY1O1-54 - Brown Gradient Violet, MPN: PR09PV-OAY1O1-54, UPC: 053672039726, Code: 1P-EG-PR09PV-OAY1O1-54
Prada PR09PV Eyeglass Frames OAY1O1-52 - Brown Gradient Violet, MPN: PR09PV-OAY1O1-52, UPC: 053672039733, Code: 1P-EG-PR09PV-OAY1O1-52
Prada PR09PV Eyeglass Frames CAI1O1-54 - Pink Frame, MPN: PR09PV-CAI1O1-54, UPC: 679420548340, Code: 1P-EG-PR09PV-CAI1O1-54
Prada PR09PV Eyeglass Frames MAX1O1-5219 - Red Gradient Frame, MPN: PR09PV-MAX1O1-52, UPC: 8053672039696, Code: 1P-EG-PR09PV-MAX1O1-5219
Prada PR09PV Eyeglass Frames QFL1O1-52 - Havana Frame, MPN: PR09PV-QFL1O1-52, Code: 1P-EG-PR09PV-QFL1O1-52
Prada PR09PV Eyeglass Frames 2AU1O1-5419 - Havana Frame, MPN: PR09PV-2AU1O1-54, UPC: 679420548326, Code: 1P-EG-PR09PV-2AU1O1-5419

Prada PR09PV Eyeglass Frames Comments

Customer Reviews
Helpful Positive Review Prada Eyeglass Frames by Legacy Reviewer, September 19, 2013
These glasses are fantastic! I just love them. Have gotten several compliments and am considering buying another pair. Excellent choice. Couldn't be happier.
Most Recent Review Prada Eyeglass Frames by LJones, September 2, 2014
Excellent, quality product. Very pleased. Product looks even better in person and the price was great. Can't wait to go back online to see what else is available. I will definitely purchase again from Optics Plant!
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