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OpticsPlanet, Inc. Boosts its Discount Shooting Supplies and Reloading Supplies with Battenfeld Technologies

Optics Planet, Inc. expands its line of hunting, shooting, reloading and gunsmithing tools with the inclusion of Battenfeld Technologies.

Northbrook, IL (PRWEB) ) September 9, 2008 - Hunters, shooting amateurs and professionals will easily spot some of their favorite name brands at Tipton gun cleaning supplies, Caldwell shooting accessories, Frankford Arsenal reloading supplies, Miles Gilbert gunsmith equipment, PAST recoil protection, and Wheeler Engineering gunsmith tools. All brands are manufactured by the Battenfeld Technologies umbrella and now available at's Technical Sales Manager and gun expert Steven K. Ledin states, "As far as gunsmithing goes, Battenfeld brands are some of the best available. If you take your firearms maintenance seriously, Tipton's Gun Vise tools are a staple." Cleaning and firearms maintenance is either a passion or a chore, depending on your perspective. Tipton cleaning supplies are designed to make the job faster and more convenient. "You simply cannot find higher quality firearm maintenance equipment; longevity plays also a large part in my opinion," says Ledin.

Ledin further comments, "Another one of my favorites is the Caldwell Lead Sled. Shooters know that recoil is painful. Shooting a couple times is no big deal but a full day of shooting can make your shoulder feel like ground meat. The Lead Sled reduces the impact of the recoil significantly."

Ledin goes on to explain that recoil protection helps the shooter concentrate on hitting the target instead of fearing the vengeance of recoil. "Concentration helps to create good shooting habits and, more importantly, prevents developing bad ones," says Ledin. PAST Recoil Protection is the foremost shooting industry leader in wearable recoil protection. PAST's patented foam material absorbs, spreads and slows the recoil impulse, significantly reducing the recoil felt by the shooter-making shooting more enjoyable. The name PAST has become synonymous with recoil protection among shooters and hunters alike.

Avid shooters will also recognize Frankford Arsenal, Miles Gilbert, and Wheeler Engineering Brands- every one well-known for superior shooting products. OpticsPlanet is pleased to now offer these distinguished Battenfeld Technologies Brands as they strive to provide their customers with the highest quality optic and tactical products.