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OpticsPlanet, Inc. - Tactical Nylon Seller Begins Carrying Multiple Brands from Eagle Industries. Northbrook, IL

February 15, 2010-- OpticsPlanet Inc., the world's leading online retailer of sport optics, rifle scopes, tactical and tactical gear, announced today that it will team up with Eagle Industries of St. Louis, Missouri to begin carrying their entire line of nylon tactical products including: tactical belts, nylon pouches, hydration systems, and tactical holsters. Eagle Industry's tactical nylon products are known for their superior quality and their incredible durability in extreme conditions. In addition to being one of the world's leading tactical nylon gear producers, Eagle Industries is also leading the way with their exceptional customer service and their award winning research and development. Each product that Eagle Tactical manufactures is put through a rigorous testing process to make sure it can withstand even the toughest military applications. With so much on the line, it's essential that their products remain rock solid without fail each and every time they're used.

Ever since their early beginnings in 1974, Eagle Industry research and development team has been developing new and improved tactical nylon products that will ensure complete customer satisfaction. Comprised of several former military and special operations leaders, Eagle Industry's R&D team knows exactly what tactical troops need and can act fast to fulfill their needs. Whether it be specialized small batch orders or large military contracts their staff can meet the market's needs and deliver superior tactical products 100% of the time.

Eagle Industries manufactures over 5,000 unique tactical nylon items. Some of these items include tactical vests, tactical pouches, hydration systems, gun slings, tactical bags, and even tactical holsters. Most of their products can be found all over the world and in use by several US Government Agencies. Some of these government agencies include: US Department of Defense, US Special Operations, Department of Homeland Security, and several other federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. In addition, Eagle Industry also serves several OEM customers who demand a high degree of quality from their tactical equipment.

Eagle Industries products are a great addition the tactical store. OpticsPlanet welcomes Eagle Tactical as a partner and is proud to carry their complete line of tactical products at very affordable prices.

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