OpticsPlanet is now an Authorized Dealer of Torrey Pines Logic optical communication products

Northbrook, IL - Jan 30, 2009 - OpticsPlanet Inc., the world's largest specialized retailer of optics, night vision, and thermal imaging products has recently joined forces with Torrey Pines Logic to begin carrying their advanced line of optical communication devices and night vision accessories. Torrey Pines Logic's state-of-the-art digital devices are incredibly well known in the optical communication field. Ever since their early beginnings, Torrey Pines has been setting a new level in the infrared and night vision industry. Equipped with a cutting edge research facility and highly skilled technicians, their clients can expect nothing but the best in optical data communications and thermal imaging.

Torrey Pines Logic has a large and advanced product line of data communication, thermal imaging, and geo registering products. Some of their more popular product lines include their LightSpeed optical and data communications line, their Mirage Thermal Imaging line and their Mosaic Geo-registering line. Torrey Pines Logic also manufacturers their own line of custom built hardware systems for image processing. Each of their products is tested and optimized for military, sporting and tactical applications. Torrey Pine Logics line of thermal imaging products are built to exact standards and are shock proof and water resistant. This means you can use your products in even the roughest conditions. Each of their thermal imaging products allows for precise targeting and will change colors to allow for maximum contrast between the target and the background.

OpticsPlanet has always carried one of the largest selections of thermal imaging and optical data communication products on the web. Their addition of the Torrey Pines Logic brand is just one more way they can provide their customers with the best selections at the lowest prices!

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