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Princeton Tec Neon Yellow Island Flashlight Pack Product Info

The Princeton Tec Island Flashlight Pack MP-NY comes with the Princeton Tec Miniwave Flashlight, the Princeton Tec Impact XL Flash Light and the Princeton Tech Eco Flare Handheld Flashlight so you can have the perfect light for your individual needs.

The Princeton Tec Miniwave 390 Lumen LED Flashlight includes 3 Maxbright LED lights that burn for an impressive 10 hours on 4 C alkaline batteries. This LED Flashlight by the experts at Princeton Tec is made to IEC standard level 3 waterproofing, that is effective down to 100 meters. The Princeton Miniwave SCUBA Light is made with an LED Optic Collimator that gathers all of the available LED light and re-emits them as parallel rays.

The Princeton Eco Flare is a mini Handheld Flashlight that has the amazing ability to burn for up to 500 hours thanks to the Ultrabright 10 lumen LED lights. This Princeton Tec Flashlight is also waterproof down to 100 meters thanks to level 3 water resistant technology.

The Princeton Tec Impact XL Handheld LED Flashlight utilizes the traditional look and feel of handheld halogen lights with the added bonus of Maxbright LED lights that are incredibly bright and effective. With a burn time of 50 hours, the Princeton-Tech XL Impact Flashlight is made with narrow focus beams that are perfect for illuminating distant areas. The Princeton Technologies Impact XL Underwater Flashlight is also water resistant to 100 meters, so you can take all of your lights with you on your underwater adventures.

MP-NY: Princeton Tec Island Flashlight Set - Neon Yellow

Specifications for Miniwave Flashlight:

Power: 390 Lumens
Lamp: 3 Maxbright LED
Burn Time: 10 hrs
Batteries: 4 C Alkaline
UL Rating: Approved
Class I Division: 2 Groups A, B, C & D
UL Temp Code: T4

Specifications for Eco Flare Flash Light:

Power: 10 Lumens
Lamp: 1 LED
Burn Time: 500 hrs
Batteries: 2 AAA Alkaline
Weight: 42g

Specifications for Impact XL Flash-Light:

Power: 65 Lumens
Lamp: Maxbright LED
Burn Time: 50 hrs
Batteries: 4 AA Alkaline
Weight: 197g
Ul Rating: Approved
Class I Division: 2 Groups A, B, C & D
Class II: Division 2 Groups F & G
UL Temp Code: T4

Features of Princeton Tec Miniwave LED Flashlight:

  • Wide focus beams
  • Heatsink technology - protects from overheating
  • LED Optic collimator
  • Multiple Modes
  • IEC Standard Level 3 Waterproof

Features of Princeton-Tec Eco Flare HandHeld Flash Light:

  • 1 Ultrabright LED
  • Krypton Bulb
  • Multiple beams
  • IEC Standard Level 3 Water Resistance

Features of Princeton Tec Impact XL Flashlight:

  • Narrow Focus Beams
  • LED Optics Collimator
  • UL Certified
  • IEC Standard Level 3 Water Proof

Package Contents:

  • Princeton Tec Island Flashlight Pack MP-NY
  • Miniwave
  • Eco Flare
  • Impact Xl

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