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Pro-Ears Hearing Protection bring hearing safety from all angles to give you the best possible options. You have different needs when at the shooting range, hunting trails or on duty, and Pro-Ears Protective Ear Muffs has the right styles to give you success in each situation. Start with the shooting range. You need to protect your hearing from the loud reports of both your firearm as well as the firearms of other nearby. This cacophony could have permanent detrimental effects on your hearing if not for your Pro-Ears Earmuffs. On the hunting trails you still need to minimize the effect of a gunshot on your hearing, but you may be tracking game and need to hear the subtle sounds of a hoof breaking a tree branch. That's where Pro-Ears Hearing Enhancers come in handy. The advanced hearing technology in these enhancers by Pro-Ears filter noise, letting you hear what you need without allowing any sound through at a harmful decibel level. And they don't stop with the earplugs, earmuffs or enhancers. Pro-Ears also makes hearing accessories for added functionality, so when you need batteries or belt clips you'll get them from the same place as the original manufacturer. Pro-Ears hearing protection is strong enough that you can trust the health of your ears to them.

Pro-Ears Hearing Protection

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