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Product Discontinued by Manufacturer

Protec Ace Skate Helmet has been discontinued by Protec and is no longer available. Our product experts have helped us select these available replacements below. You can also explore other items in the Helmets category yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you!

Protec Ace Skate Helmet Product Info

Keep your head protected with the Protec Ace Skate Helmet. This helmet by Protec has taken the Ace shell and adapted it to work with the exclusive 2-stage soft foam skate liner, giving you maximum comfort and a featherweight feel.

Package Contents:

  • Protec Ace Skate Helmet w/ 2-stage Foam Liner

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Protec Ace Skate Helmet Unorderable Models

Protec Ace Matte Black 2013, M PTVN0EFM81S-M, MPN: VN-0EFM81S-M, Code: PTC-HJ-ACESKATE-PTVN0EFM81S-M
Protec Ace Matte Black 2013, L PTVN0EFM81S-L, MPN: VN-0EFM81S-L, Code: PTC-HJ-ACESKATE-PTVN0EFM81S-L
Protec Ace Matte Black 2013, XL PTVN0EFM81S-XL, MPN: VN-0EFM81S, Code: PTC-HJ-ACESKATE-PTVN0EFM81S-XL
Protec Ace Matte Black 2013, S PTVN0EFM81S-S, MPN: VN-0EFM81S-S, Code: PTC-HJ-ACESKATE-PTVN0EFM81S-S
Protec Ace Gloss White L PTVN0EFM8GW-L, MPN: VN0EFM8GW-L, UPC: 700051070235, Code: PTC-HJ-ACESKATE-PTVN0EFM8GW-L
Protec Ace Gloss White M PTVN0EFM8GW-M, MPN: VN0EFM8GW-M, UPC: 700051070228, Code: PTC-HJ-ACESKATE-PTVN0EFM8GW-M
Protec Ace Gloss White Small PTVN0EFM8GW-S, MPN: VN0EFM8GW-S, UPC: 700051070211, Code: PTC-HJ-ACESKATE-PTVN0EFM8GW-S
Protec Ace Matte Gray Lasek M PTVN0EFMMEO-M, MPN: VN0EFMMEO-M, UPC: 637439018667, Code: PTC-HJ-ACESKATE-PTVN0EFMMEO-M
Protec Ace Gloss White XL PTVN0EFM8GW-XL, MPN: VN0EFM8GW-XL, UPC: 700051070242, Code: PTC-HJ-ACESKATE-PTVN0EFM8GW-XL
Protec Ace Skate Matte Rubber Bk XL PTVN0EFM13O-XL, MPN: PTVN0EFM13O-XL, UPC: 808390891648, Code: PTC-HJ-ACESKATE-PTVN0EFM13O-XL
Protec Ace Matte Gray Lasek L PTVN0EFMMEO-L, MPN: VN0EFMMEO-L, UPC: 637439018674, Code: PTC-HJ-ACESKATE-PTVN0EFMMEO-L
Protec Ace Skate Matte Rubber Bk L PTVN0EFM13O-L, MPN: PTVN0EFM13O-L, UPC: 808390891631, Code: PTC-HJ-ACESKATE-PTVN0EFM13O-L
Protec Ace Skate Matte Rubber Bk M PTVN0EFM13O-M, MPN: PTVN0EFM13O-M, UPC: 808390891624, Code: PTC-HJ-ACESKATE-PTVN0EFM13O-M
Protec Ace Skate Matte Rubber Bk S PTVN0EFM13O-S, MPN: PTVN0EFM13O-S, UPC: 808390891617, Code: PTC-HJ-ACESKATE-PTVN0EFM13O-S
Protec Ace Matte Gray Lasek S PTVN0EFMMEO-S, MPN: VN0EFMMEO-S, UPC: 637439018650, Code: PTC-HJ-ACESKATE-PTVN0EFMMEO-S
Protec Ace Skate, Matte Blue, Medium PTVN0EFM5VA-M, MPN: VN0EFM5VA-M, UPC: 732075926366, Code: PTC-HJ-ACESKATE-PTVN0EFM5VA-M
Protec Ace Skate, Matte Blue, Large PTVN0EFM5VA-L, MPN: VN0EFM5VA-L, UPC: 732075926373, Code: PTC-HJ-ACESKATE-PTVN0EFM5VA-L
Protec Ace Skate, Matte Blue, XL PTVN0EFM5VA-XL, MPN: VN0EFM5VA-XL, UPC: 732075926380, Code: PTC-HJ-ACESKATE-PTVN0EFM5VA-XL
Protec Ace Skate, Matte Blue, Small PTVN0EFM5VA-S, MPN: VN0EFM5VA-S, Code: PTC-HJ-ACESKATE-PTVN0EFM5VA-S

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