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Pulsar is all about night vision. All of their optics will give you a tactical edge in low light situations. Of course, this starts with Pulsar Night Vision Devices. With handheld models and mountable units available, Pulsar aims to give you the type of night vision you need for greatest success. Hunters, law enforcement and military professionals really appreciate the quality of Pulsar Night Vision Rifle Scopes. It takes a great deal of engineering know-how to design a night vision device that can withstand the shock of recoil from a number of rifles, but Pulsar has succeeded where many others failed. The exceptional durability, advanced technology and versatile number of uses has made all the Pulsar products shown below favorites for OpticsPlanet customers!

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Pulsar also provides a great number of products to help you better use your night vision device. As night vision works by amplifying the ambient light in a given setting, if there is absolutely NO available light you will find yourself without a usable image. While you can certainly use a traditional flashlight, this will give away your position. Huntings and soldiers hoping to keep hidden don't want to alert game or enemies to their position by shining a light all over the place. Pulsar has an answer. Pulsar Flashlights do not emit visible light. Instead, they produce Infrared Light that will be easily viewed by your night vision device, but animals and other people will not see it. These infrared lights by Pulsar greatly enhance the effectiveness of your night vision. They're a great example of how Pulsar works so tirelessly to give you a complete night vision setup.


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