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Model: Factory DEMO Pulsar 960 IR Flashlight Night Vision Accessories
Code: ZA-NA-79076-DEMO
New Pulsar Polaris 940 Infrared Flashlight - 79076
$149.97 $179.99 Save 17%
Model: New Pulsar Polaris 940 Infrared Flashlight - 79076
Code: ZA-NA-79076-EE
MPN: PL79076
UPC: 744105204856

Pulsar Polaris 940 Infrared Flashlight Product Info

Pulsar Polaris 940 IR Flashlight 79076 is a high-powered Infrared illuminator that emits only the shortest wavelength of infrared light, undetectable to the unaided eye but perfectly visible to your night scope. Infrared light gives your night vision scope extra seeing power, and the specialized infrared of the Polaris 940 Infrared Light lets you remain in total darkness. The Pulsar Polaris 940 IR Flash Light can be mounted to many of the night rifle scopes that Pulsar manufactures. Pulsar Night Vision Accessories let you command even the darkest night.

The Pulsar Polaris 940 IR Flashlight is an essential tool for night hunting. Pulsar makes the best in elite optical products including night vision hunting scopes and binoculars. Visit our online store for a catalog of great Pulsar Night Vision optics on sale at the best prices. We stock the best Night Vision Accessories from fine manufacturers. We back up our sales with unbeatable customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Specifications for Pulsar Polaris 940 Infrared Flashlight 79076:

Objective lens diameter: 24 mm
Wavelength: 940nm
Power Supply: 3V (2 x AA)
Dimensions: 5.2 in. x 1.8 in. x 2.0 in.
Weight: 4.9 oz. (0.3 lbs.)

Features of Pulsar Polaris 940 Infrared Flashlight:

  • IR illumination
  • Smooth, graduated activation

Package Contents:

  • Pulsar Polaris 940 Infrared Flashlight 79076

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Pulsar Polaris 940 Infrared Flashlight Comments

Customer Reviews
Helpful Positive Review Works Well by Legacy Reviewer, July 31, 2010
Works as advertised. Has an unnecessary lip that prevents it being mounted on Picatiny rails. Will only mount to nightvision scope. Pros: Small and effective Cons: Weaver mount only
4/5 found this helpful
Helpful Negative Review It works... by Legacy Reviewer, April 24, 2011
I purchased this because of the rating.. 100 yards, I think. It is far weaker than that. I thought maybe the batteries were weak, so I changed with fresh set and still very weak. Mine only illuminates maybe 10-20 yards and that is with a fully nar...
5/7 found this helpful
Most Recent Review Pulsar Polaris 940 NM Infrared - Great For Generation 2+, 3 and 4 Night Vision Equipment by Rainbow Seeker, January 25, 2015
I use these on several types of night vision equipment. They are surprising powerful and the beam is adjustable from wide to spot. These are great for adding additional light power to units that already have a smaller light source. Due to the 900+ na...
Most Recent Review Pulsar 940 by Legacy Reviewer, May 17, 2014
Works excellent for what it was intended for. Digital night vision. Normal amplifier tubes don't really see into the further reaches of the infrared spectrum that this thing really stands out in. But it is invisible to the naked eye which is great a...
Most Recent Review A must with the Pulsar night vision550 by Legacy Reviewer, November 20, 2012
Thanks I like the item, works very well. It is very hard to use this rating seems like it wont submit very well.
0/1 found this helpful
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