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Pyramex DV-30 Digital Vision Computer Glasses DV30
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Pyramex DV30 Digital Vision Computer Glasses Product Info

Pyramex DV30 Digital Vision Computer Glasses are your first line of defense against computer eye strain, the eye problem of the decade. These safety glasses are custom-designed and tinted by Pyramex to defend your eyes against long exposure to computer screens. Pyramex DV30 Computer Glasses are proven to reduce many of the most painful effects of prolonged computer use. Long hours in front of a computer screen can cause a range of discomforting and painful symptoms, known as Computer Vision Syndrome. The Pyramex DV-30 Glasses counters CVS by providing protection against UV radiation up to 400 nm, absorbing UV light to protect your eyes from harmful neon and halogen light. The Pyramex DV30 Computer Safety Glasses have high definition safety lenses that block out 65% of blue light, to reduce the sharpness of objects which cause headache-inducing eye fatigue and tired or sore eyes. These Pyramex Safety Glasses feature yellow tinted lenses preserve color recognition while improving your percentage of depth perception and contrast.

As usual, Pyramex delivers streamlined style and superior quality alongside innovative computer ergonomics. The anti-reflective coatings on the DV30 Glasses extend the lifetime of your lenses by providing superior scratch resistance, durability and resistance to dirt and water. But the antireflective coatings also decrease computer glare and overhead fluorescent glare. Artificial light in an office environment quickly leads to eye fatigue, and computer monitor glare puts a strain on the eyes. Good workplace ergonomics practices recommend protection for your eyes, with computer glasses like the Pyramex DV30.

The Pyramex DV 30 Computer Reading Glasses also make excellent drivers glasses for day or night. The yellow lens tint means enhanced color recognition, provides you with improved safety and faster recognition of potential hazards on the road, especially at night. The reflections of street lamps and headlights on your lenses are virtually eliminated.

Specifications for Pyramex DV30 Safety Glasses for Computer Users:

Meets standards: ANSI Z80.3-2001, CE EN1836 Standards
Absorbs: UV radiation up to 400nm
Blue light block: 65%

Features of Pyramex DV30 Computer Anti-Glare Glasses:

  • Improves accuracy
  • UV Protection
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Greater eye comfort
  • Great for office and for driving
  • Durable - anti-scratch, anti-reflective coatings

Package contents:

  • Pyramex DV30 Digital Vision Computer Glasses

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Pyramex DV30 Digital Vision Computer Glasses Comments

Customer Reviews
Helpful Positive Review Very good, better than Gunnar! by Legacy Reviewer, November 9, 2012
These are fantastic. The Gunnar ones I tried before had a +0.2 diopter prescription on the lenses standard, they all have them. This gave me trouble, and I could only use them on the PC. These are just plain lenses, feel so comfortable on the head...
Helpful Negative Review Not what they seem by Legacy Reviewer, July 8, 2011
What a waste of money, these glasses made no difference in the amount of strain & even seem to give me headaches and dizziness. I am extremely disappointed. Pros: look sort of cool Cons: don't work at all!!!!!
1/2 found this helpful
Most Recent Review Much more vivid by Kelv, September 10, 2014
I am enjoying the effect that these glasses have on my daily vision, things appear so vividly. The frames required shaping to get a comfortable fit. The lenses don't seem to scratch easily and it would have been nice if there was +1 reader option.
Most Recent Review Review of Pyramex DV30s by Legacy Reviewer, March 30, 2011
I've owned a pair of these for a few eeks now and really enjoy them. My only complaint about them is the nose piece, which set the glasses to high in factory settings. The nose-piece is also flimsily attached to the bridge and broke off when I tri...
1/1 found this helpful
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