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Quaker Boy Calls are widely recognized as some of the finest in the business - yet still incredibly affordable. Quaker Boy Game Calls come in a huge variety of styles, including mouth calls, call boxes, glass calls and whistle- or horn-style calls. No hunter on the track of a prize tom should go without a Quaker Boy Turkey Call. Quaker Boy has a particular focus on gobblers, but Quaker Boy Turkey Calls are just the beginning of their game call line. You'll find animal calls from Quaker Boy made to lure in deer, elk, moose, predators, and more. Duplicate the sounds of turkeys at fly-down - get gobblers to give away their positions by emitting a shock gobble - emit the sound of wounded or distressed prey animals - lure in bucks with the sound of a doe - all with a Quaker Boy Call. If you want a call that won't break the bank but will lure in prey like nothing else, try a Quaker Boy Game Call!

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