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Ray-Ban RB3445 SV Prescription Sunglasses - Gunmetal Frame w/ Crystal Green 61 mm Diameter Lenses, 004-6117
Frame Color: Gunmetal
Code: RB-RX-RB3445-004-6117
MPN: RB3445-004-61
Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses RB3445 RB3445-029-71-6417 - Lens Diameter 64 mm, Frame Color Matte Gunmetal
Frame Color: Matte Gunmetal
Code: RB-RX-RB3445-029-71-6417
MPN: RB3445-029-71-64
Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses RB3445 RB3445-029-71-6117 - Lens Diameter 61 mm, Frame Color Matte Gunmetal
Frame Color: Matte Gunmetal
Code: RB-RX-RB3445-029-71-6117
MPN: RB3445-029-71-61
Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses RB3445 RB3445-012-85-6417 - Lens Diameter 64 mm, Frame Color Matte Brown
Frame Color: Matte Brown
Code: RB-RX-RB3445-012-85-6417
MPN: RB3445-012-85-64
Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses RB3445 RB3445-002-58-6117 - Lens Diameter: 61 mm, Frame Color: Black
Frame Color: Black
Code: RB-RX-RB3445-002-58-6117
MPN: RB3445-002-58-61
Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses RB3445 RB3445-014-57-6117 - Lens Diameter: 61 mm, Frame Color: Brown
Frame Color: Brown
Code: RB-RX-RB3445-014-57-6117
MPN: RB3445-014-57-61

Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses RB3445 Product Info

Ray-Ban RB3445 Prescription Sunglasses express contemporary individuality and the legendary roots of the world's best-known eyewear brand. OpticsPlanet is the leading retailer of Designer Sunglasses and Prescription Sunglasses with authentic Ray Ban RB3445 prescription sun glasses at our lowest sale prices, and Free Shipping is Included! For the RB RB3445 sunglasses with Ray-Ban authentic non-prescription sunglass lens, see Ray-Ban RB3445 Sunglasses.

You can purchase Ray-Ban RB3445 Rx sun glasses with single vision custom made Rx lenses on this page. If you are looking for this model of Ray Ban sunglasses with multifocal lenses, please see Ray Ban Prescription Bi-focal RB3445 Sunglasses and Ray Ban Prescription Progressive RB3445 Sunglasses.

As an authorized dealer of Ray-Ban Eyewear and the other prestigious labels of the Luxottica Group, we sell only 100% genuine RayBan RB3445 Rx prescription sunglasses. We do not sell cheap sunglasses such as replica Ray-Ban, imitation Ray Ban or fakes. The Rx RB3445 is the product of Ray Bans craftsmanship and feature long-lasting frames that provide a superb fit and unmatched comfort. Our prescription lenses are prepared by an authorized Ray-Ban lab to RayBan specifications for the highest optical performance.

Contact Us if our Rx Sun Wear Specialists may help with your order of the RB3445 Rx glasses by Ray Ban. We are also here to help with our entire collection of Ray Ban Products including Ray-Ban Rx Sunglasses, Rayban Prescription Eyeglasses, Ray Ban Eyeglass Frames and the legendary Ray-Ban Sunglasses. In addition we offer Ray Ban Junior sunglasses, Ray Ban Kids Optical Frames, Ray-Ban Junior Rx Sunglasses and Ray-Ban Junior Prescription Eyeglasses.

Available Ray Ban RB3445 Sunglasses:

Ray-Ban RB3445 Sunglasses Description:

  • Ray-Ban RB3445 Frame Material: STEEL
  • Ray-Ban RB3445 Sunglasses Lens Diameter: 61 mm / 64 mm
  • RB3445 Distance Between Lenses: 17 mm
  • Gender: MAN

Package Contents:

  • Ray-Ban Rx RB3445 sunglasses
  • Ray Ban Sunglass Case
  • Cleaning Cloth with Ray-Ban logo

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Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses RB3445 Unorderable Models

Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses RB3445 RB3445-014-51-6117 - Lens Diameter: 61 mm, Frame Color: Brown, UPC: 805289447511, Code: RB-RX-RB3445-014-51-6117
Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses RB3445 RB3445-106-6417 - Lens Diameter: 64 mm, Frame Color: Gunmetal, MPN: RB3445-106-64, UPC: 805289463184, Code: RB-RX-RB3445-106-6417
Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses RB3445 RB3445-106-6117 - Lens Diameter: 61 mm, Frame Color: Gunmetal, MPN: RB3445-106-61, Code: RB-RX-RB3445-106-6117
Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses RB3445 RB3445-014-51-6417 - Lens Diameter: 64 mm, Frame Color: Brown, MPN: RB3445-014-51-64, UPC: 805289463191, Code: RB-RX-RB3445-014-51-6417
Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses RB3445 RB3445-002-6417 - Frame Color: Black, Lens Diameter: 64 mm, UPC: 805289463207, Code: RB-RX-RB3445-002-6417
Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses RB3445 RB3445-107-6117 - Frame Color: Gunmetal, Lens Diameter: 61 mm, MPN: RB3445-107-61, Code: RB-RX-RB3445-107-6117
Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses RB3445 RB3445-012-85-6117 - Lens Diameter 61 mm, Frame Color Matte Brown, MPN: RB3445-012-85-61, Code: RB-RX-RB3445-012-85-6117
Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses RB3445 RB3445-005-40-6117 - Lens Diameter 61 mm, Frame Color Matte Silver, MPN: RB3445-005-40-61, Code: RB-RX-RB3445-005-40-6117
Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses RB3445 RB3445-005-40-6417 - Lens Diameter 64 mm, Frame Color Matte Silver, MPN: RB3445-005-40-64, Code: RB-RX-RB3445-005-40-6417
Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses RB3445 RB3445-014-57-6417 - Lens Diameter: 64 mm, Frame Color: Brown, MPN: RB3445-014-57-64, UPC: 805289463153, Code: RB-RX-RB3445-014-57-6417

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