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When you're looking for the best shades on the net, Ray-Ban Sunglasses are no doubt high on your list of choices. The legendary style of these sunglasses has made RayBan one of the world's leading manufacturers of eyewear. This top position has allowed them to advance the technology, materials and construction of every pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses. The iconic styles of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer and Ray-Ban Aviator have been updated throughout the years with modern frame and lens materials to provide a superior-fitting pair of sunglasses that protect against harmful UV rays and give the wearer a clearer image than ever before. While every pair of RayBan Sunglasses gives you a trend setting piece of fashion to compliment your ensemble, if you want to learn more about how to find the right style for your particular needs, be sure to read our How To Guide on Choosing Sunglasses.

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Ray-Ban has always been focused on quality. Prior to the FDA imposing safety regulations calling for testing, Ray-Ban was already testing their sunglasses to ensure optimal quality and construction. Not only are the frames in Ray-Ban Shades super stylish, they're also tough enough to last for years, and the lenses have a high level of impact resistance, so you needn't worry about day-to-day abuse ruining your new sunglasses. Just because the lenses are tough doesn't mean they lack advanced optical technology. The B-15 High Contrast Brown lenses provide greater contrast for color enhancement. The G-15 Neutral Gray lenses allow all colors to pass through the glass equally, which has earned them the 'natural vision lens' nickname. RayBan's polarized lenses eliminate glare to give a great view in any condition, even out at sea on bright days when the water acts as a mirror. Likewise, the frames in Ray-Ban Sunglasses are advanced and optimized for comfort and performance. The titanium frames are lightweight but incredibly strong, whereas the Memo-Ray frames are flexible enough to contour to the shape of your head while never losing their original shape. The Carbon Fiber frames are some of the strongest and lightest on earth, and the lack of welding means they can handle a lifetime of opening and closing without wearing down. All this amazing technology is added to the classic styles of Ray-Ban, providing some of the best sunglasses that money can buy.

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