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The Redfield Revenge line of rifle scopes helps you get revenge for all those missed opportunities caused by an inaccurate or poorly designed scope. These innovative Redfield riflescopes feature the innovative Accu-Ranger ballistic system, which allows you to take precision shots that compensate for distance without taking your eyes off the target. All you have to do is line up your game between the reticle's top post and horizontal line; the rifle scope's reticle will use a horizontal bar to tell you the range to the target. Then, simply zoom in the Redfield Revenge rifle scope to the highest setting (depending on the model, anywhere from 7x to 18x), align your target in the corresponding ballistic holdover point, and fire with great accuracy. Redfield has built the scopes in the Redfield Revenge series with long eye relief, premium coated optics, and sturdy hardware that's built to last through the most rigorous hunts. Available in several models, from a crossbow-oriented 2-7x model to a long-range, high accuracy 6-18x44mm model for rifles, these high grade rifle scopes take all the guesswork out of ranging targets and making accurate shots. Earn revenge against those trophy bucks you missed with your old rifle scope using Revenge by Redfield.