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Accutact 8x42 Commander Tactical Monoculars
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Legacy Reviewer's Review of Accutact 8x42 Commander Tactical Monoculars

I was iffy about the price and am more than pleased now that I have it and tested it. Not for beginners, which would not be a problem if Accutact would upgrade the owner's manual with a little more explanation and far better graphics for the examples. It does not have a "standard" mildot scale, if you think of the most common form of mildots as, well, dots on crosshairs with thick posts at each end. The milscale is a series of lines, not dots (Army) or oblong dots (Marines). The graphics for the examples are horrible even with a magnifying glass. Beginners should start with a cheap mildot scope, which can be had for $25-$35, and research mildot ranging on the web.

If you are past the beginner phase of mil-ranging the owner's manual will be a nice extra, but not necessary. Evidently, according to the owner's manual, the unit comes in 2 different mil-scale configurations. Both scales are milline not mildot. The scale in the owner's manual have zero 20 mils above the horizontal line, which is shown very close to the bottom of the scope front optic. This ranges from -20 to 40 mils vertically and -40 to 40 mils horizontally, zero is at the vertical reference; each have half-division marks. The second type of scale is what my unit has. In the unit I received the horizontal milline scale is 20 mils higher on the vertical milline scale and is numbered -1 to 7 vertically and -5 to 5 horizontally, which should be read in 10's e.g., -10 etc. I much prefer the scale version I received. I guess the one negative I have found only touches on a point that has nothing to do with product quality and that is, Accutact should provide this information and not rely on customer reviews to spread the news.

Pros: Tactical/Harsh Enviornment Use, Light, Excellent Optics, Milli-Radian Scale
Cons: None

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