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Armasight NYX-14 GEN 2+ MG Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular
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Legacy Reviewer's Review of Armasight NYX-14 GEN 2+ MG Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular

I purchased the Armasight NYX-14 Gen 2+ Night Vision, Improved Definition from DVOR (sister sight to for really good deal. But with only 12 hours left on the bid I was not able to do as much research on the brand or the product but I took a chance. In doing so I was able to learn a few things about Opticsplanet and Armasight.
First, the items listed on Opticsplanet are not all of products that are offered by Armasight like the ones with MG.
Second, if you want to order something not list on their website but is made by say Armasight, sorry Opticsplanet will not do it even if you offer to pay the difference (except for Leopold Custom).
Third, Armasight website is lacking a few small important details. MG what does it stand for? And how does the description of the Mini NYX-14 relate to the NYX-14? And when you compare different models in the NYX-14s line-up, why does it not list MG as a feature. It is a very nice feature to have and was a must have feature for me.
Fourth, Armasight customer service rocks, ask for Steven B. He was able to tell what MG does and what it means. MG means Manual Gain, i.e. you have some control over the signal/sight gain.
So now the review of the Armasight NYX-14 Gen 2+ Night Vision, Improved Definition with MG. First off let me say that this is my first piece of NV that I have ever owned. I have looked through a Gen 1 scope at local store and was glad I bought a Gen 2+. The Gen 1 had about the same amount of view as the NYX-14 but that also includes bad fisheye effect meaning a reduced field of view (FOV). With the NYX-14 I was able use all of the FOV with much better detail with no fisheye effect. This was the only comparison that I could do against any other NV. In really dark areas I was able to turn up the MG so that I could see better without having to turn on the IR led that is built into the NYX-14. The IR led is very useful to have in the extreme low light/no light if you leave it in flood mode. When the lens is put over the IR light it turns it in to an IR spotlight lights up a very small area to focus for longer distances. Its has a very bad halo effect and does not light up the center of the spot. The battery compartment is awesome it takes either 1AA battery or in CR123 battery just by swapping over an adaptor in the battery compartment and that adaptor is metal not some cheap plastic. The battery cap is tethered to the NYX-14 by plastic. This is really the one thing that burns me. The NYX-14 will work in -40 to+50 Celsius and Armasight use a plastic tether for the battery cap. In the cold I foresee this being a problem since this is night vision and nighttime is typically the cold part of the day the time when you are most likely going to change your battery out. The one piece that you cannot loose needs to be held on by a metal tether like what the Trijicon ACOG uses. Fix this issue along with the spotlight/lens for the IR LED and I think that Armasight would have very solid product in the NYX-14 line. Also the manual does no state what type and size of threads are on the objective lens or eyepiece lens.

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