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Armasight Zeus 3 Thermal Imaging 42mm Rifle Scope
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Legacy Reviewer's Review of Armasight Zeus 3 Thermal Imaging 42mm Rifle Scope

I needed a Thermal Scope that would have high resolution, Is lightweight , holds its zero, and can mount a rifle with a brisk recoil. This thermal scope fits the bill for my Hog Hunting needs. I have been using a hand held and Gen 1 night vision scope for night Hog Hunting and found that the thermal could see things easily that my ambient vision could not pick up. The ambient light system would frequently need IR illumination and the IR would refract on light brush limiting my sight picture to less than 20 yards unless I prearranged a back lit target area. This is ok for a stand but limits me on spot and stalk. I have found that being tied to a stand is not the best method for Night Hunting. Night vision allows you to move around and find the game and adds the versatility that stand hunting takes away from you. I got this unit and got the batteries in it right away. I first familiarized my self with it. The top of the unit has buttons numbered one through four that control the vision and a central button which brings up a menu to access the options. This unit has a lot of options and things to adjust. It took me about two nights to become familiar with it. The things that are needed to be adjusted are: 1. type of cross hair 2. color of crosshair 3. the background or pallate 4. weapons zero with the foresight option & 5 brightness. There are options to display temperature, and a scenarios button which allows your target hogs, other game or High Value Target if you are a Military Sniper or Contractor. This option makes your chosen target stand out from the background. When I set options for outdoor detection and Hog hunting it drew the batteries down fast and I went from 3/4 power to the unit shutting down. I stopped using the higher options to save battery life. Batteries are CR123A photo batteries and if you spot with another device and only turn on the weapon sight when a target is acquired you should have no problems with the unit freezing in white hot and the cross hair going out which is what happens when the battery loses power. I first used the unit around my home unmounted. I first set the crosshair. There is a large cross, small cross, dot, part cross with dot, line dot and option to shut off the cross hair. I like the large cross best. Next you set the color of the crosshair It can be made white, black blue, or sort of magenta red. The color you choose will vary based on your background. for instance white does not show up very well on white hot and it is best to use black, magenta, or blue. I next experimented with the palate. There is white hot and black hot both all around good colors. There is also sepia a yellow orange which shows up well in town, A red color which along with sephia saves your night vision, and multicolor options such as glowbow in two shades. Ice fire which sows hot in white and cold in blue, and rainbow. I tried this out several nights in town and found Seophia to be good here. I was able to see a field mouse and two birds that I couldn't see with my eyes even when I knew they were there. The quick detach was next mastered by me. I found that I could depress the lever and get the nut loose and adjust it to the size to put on my picitinny rail. I Mounted this on an M1A/M14 I built with a national match receiver and GI parts. It is accurate and allows the weapon sight to be on a platform which maximizes its ability to function seamlessly. I first tried to laser boresight and found this is a waste of time. I took out the Zeus 3 to our Hunt Club rage at night and first tried to heat up a sheet rock screw, but it went cool too fast. I had an aluminum can and heated it. This worked but I found that a cold can with a little ice in the bottom or a landscape spike that is heated with propane is best. I set the can on a fiber board with a sighting target behind it and set the weapon to the bore sight option and began work. Sephia didn't work well here but rainbow, and glowbow really showed up the can well. I stated firing and found that I could see a hot spot where the rounds hit, and first adjusted left until i was on target then up. I was dead on within 15 minutes. I tested this with a cold bottle with Ice and it exploded and made a cold mist that temporarily obscured the target. I was dead on at 50 and 100 yards. Now I was ready to go to my stand. I stalked in and waited. I was able to see a hog but when I turned the Zeus 3 on I couldn't see anything. The brightness was too high and batteries too weak. I changed batteries and after about 15 min of in the dark adjustments had set to white hot and got the brightness low enough to see well. NO hog anymore but a raccoon came in and I was able to differentiate it from other animals by its shape and the tail which is cooler and had a good resolution. I was also entertained by the rabbits which came in later. I went for a stalk and spotted other small game but no hogs. A night or two more and I came in and found a good hog glowing brightly. I dropped my jacket and spotting scope then got in a good kneeling position. After maneuvering and getting into position several times I acquired the Hog and put the cross hair on its neck and squeezed. He tried to hide in the light brush but the thermal made him stand out. He went down on the spot and I had a nice hog for a pig pickin. This is an awesome unit that is great for a hog hunter and awesome for Military and police use. There is a hunting scope which allows light to shine out the end and a sniper version that I switched to that traps light and you push your eye in to open ensuring light capture and light discipline. Great unit but there is quite a few option to master. Be sure you are familiar with it , have extra batteries in your pocket, and that the brightness is set low enough to see. This unit is so awesome that It becomes one of the reasons I hunt rather than just the means of hunting. I really enjoy using it!
Pros: Light Weight, Quick Release/Mount, Good detail, Accurate, Keeps Zero
Cons: Short Battery Life, Scenarios Use Batteries too quickly

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