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ATN MK 350 Guardian Night Vision Riflescope, Black w/ Red on Green Reticle, New - NVWSM35010-EE is currently on sale with fast shipping. Plus your total satisfaction is guaranteed when you purchase ATN MK 350 Guardian Night Vision Riflescope, Black w/ Red on Green Reticle, New - NVWSM35010-EE and other Night Vision by ATN.

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Eye Relief issues

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Author: FortyFive2Life from Tennessee on Feb 22, 2012
Pros:  Good view with the IR active, inexpensive
Cons:  Large, heavy, and uncomfortable to use
Would recommend:  no

FortyFive2Life wrote:

So maybe I'm missing something, because there isn't one single review that has mentioned or addressed the issue I'm having with this MK350 NVRS by ATN. I have it mounted on a RRA LAR-8 .308, and I can't get my head over far enough to get all the way up to the eyepiece. So holding the scope in my hand it works excellent, but once it's mounted on the rifle I can't get a comfortable position to view the scope well at all. It's like I need the entire scope to simply shift over maybe 1/4" to 1/2" to be in my comfortable line of vision. I have never had this problem with a rifle scope, but then other scopes have eye relief where this scope has none at all. The only way to be comfortable is to back my head off the scope a bit until there is a couple inches space between my eyes and the scope, and then I can see clearly, but I my viewing area is reduced to about the size of a quarter, with a black ring around the edges (just like you'd see in a normal rifle scope without the proper eye relief). I'm not satisfied with that, and I'm not sure if I can fix it. I thought it might be that I couldn't get the scope far enough back on the rail because of the length of the rifle with the A2 stock, so I moved the ATN to my AR15 platform with a collapsible stock. No difference. Even with the stock fully extended, fully collapsed or anywhere in between, I could not get anywhere near a comfortable eye alignment with this scope. So is it just me, or are others just sucking it up that they have to lean awkwardly over the top of their stocks to see properly into this scope? Otherwise I am pleased with the initial performance of this scope. The vision at night is good with the included IR illuminator, I was really surprised at how well you can see. My other complaint is that ATN advertises on their website that the IR illuminator is "almost invisible to the naked eye". Bullcrap. That thing lights up a decently bright red glow. Anyone looking at you from any shooting distance away would be able to see this IR illuminator glowing at them. I've read there are a few different bandwidths of IR illuminators, and from what I can tell this is in the lower end bandwidth and is highly visible. Again, overall a nice scope, especially for the money. But if I can't use it even somewhat comfortably I'm going to have to return it.

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